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Top 10 Cemeteries in India | Is your Soul Brave Enough to Meet a Dead Soul?

Top 10 Cemeteries in India | Is your Soul Brave Enough to Meet a Dead Soul?

“The cemetery is an open space among the ruins, covered in winter with violets and daisies. It might make one in love with death, to think that one should be buried in such a sweet place.” This romantic quote by poet P.B shelly showcases the romantic ideals of a cemetery.

However, it doesn't showcase the darker side of most cemeteries across the world, especially in India. India is still a place that associates the ideas of superstition and misery, death and sufferings to the cemeteries that are there in our country.

South park cemetery, kolkata

The south park cemetery, in kolkata 84, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Park Street area also christened as the Great christian Burial ground. This cemetery houses the graves of various Britishers, their administrators and even their loved ones with monuments dedicated to them.

The grave gets its spooky appearance from it being built in the style of early colonial era architecture and with a little bit of splash from hinduism and islamic style of architecture as well. Graves of popular figures like Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, teacher and poet and leading man in the young Bengal movement, William Jones the founder of the Asiatic society and even Walter Landor Dickens. Yes you’ve read that right the son of the infamous Charles Dickens.

However, do not be fooled by its peaceful facade because the jogis of India did use it for black magic thus it’s a darker place than it appears to be. Be prepared to spookified if you ever get the chance to visit this cemetery.

Portuguese Cemetery, Kollam

The Portuguese Cemetery, Kollam situated in Tangasseri of Kollam city, Kottai-Kuppam, Pulicat, Tamil Nadu was constructed with the Portuguese invasion of 1519. An obvious factor is that the cemetery and graves were carved in the Portuguese style, where the names of the passed on have been prominently engraved for your knowledge. So if you wanna bask in the haunting glory of a portuguese cemetery then this is the right choice for you.

St John’s Cemetery, Kolkata

The St John's Cemetery of 2/2, Council House Street, Near Governor House, kolkata constructed by the East India company in 1784. It also houses a church nearby made in the memory of James Achilles and James Pattle. The thing that makes this cemetery creepy is the testimonials of people saying that as soon as they enter the cemetery, they can hear ghostly whispers as if the dead are greeting the visitors.

If you’re intrigued then do pay a visit to this grave with long untrudged grass field, and engage your senses with the supernatural world.

Roman Catholic Cemetery, Agra

The Roman Catholic cemetery, Agra is located in Dayal Bagh Road, National Highway 2. This Red sandstone carved building safeguards the departed souls whose heroic deeds are long forgotten. Otherwise known as the Red mini Taj Mahal, this cemetery stores the graves of Armenian soldiers.

Thus if you wanna witness the glory of the Mini Taj Mahal then drive along there alone or with loved ones and enjoy the spooky but ethereal beauty of the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Agra.

Nicholson Cemetery, Delhi

The Nicholson Cemetery, Delhi also known as the old Delhi Military cemetery or Kashmere Gate Cemetery located in Kashmere Gate, New Delhi as the name suggests. The cemetery is said to be haunted by the headless phantom of John Nicholson, which is a startling sight to come across. Another interesting fact regarding this cemetery is that the graves are engraved with little anecdotes about the departed souls.

Thus if this sounds like your cup of tea, then drive along and witness this cemetery in all its magnificent glory.

Delhi War Cemetery, Delhi

The Delhi war cemetery is situated in Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi. This cemetery provides shelter to more than a thousand graves of service personnel during the first and second world wars. The cemetery of Delhi war memorial also has the apparition of a woman in a white saree and long unmatted hair roaming around in the grounds.

This war memorial cemetery is under the protection of the Government of India and the Ministry of Defence. So if you wanna pay your tributes to the departed souls of the both bloody world wars and maybe catch a glimpse of the lady in white, then come along to the Delhi War Cemetery.

Jafarganj Cemetery, Murshidabad

The Jafarganj Cemetery is located in Murshidabad, West Bengal. This cemetery was built by Mir Jafar occupying the area of at least 3.51 acres altogether. It shelters the graves of the later Nawabs of Bengal like Mir Jafar and his loved ones.

It is also said that a kitchen garden once used to be present in the premises. Testimonials of people suggest that this place is haunted by the begum of Nawab Nazim who is on the lookout for her loved ones. So if you wanna catch sight of a mourning apparition looking for her family members, this is the ideal spot.

Digboi War Cemetery, Assam

The Digboi War Cemetery is present in Digboi-Pengeri Rd, Bhim Pathar, Assam houses the graves of one hundred ninety seven burials from the hospitals and the second world war. This mournful place is a grim reminder of the deadly war fought and the annihilation it caused afterwards. The cemetery is said to be haunted by the untimely deaths of the soldiers who plot the demise and downfall of the Japanese.

Come and pay your regards to the victims and the soldiers of the war who valiantly and laid their lives down for their respective countries making them heroes forever.

Kirkee War Cemetery, Pune

The Kirkee war cemetery located in Near Holkar Bridge, Mula Rd, Khadki belongs to one of the richest cantonments of Kirkee housing two burial grounds. It has graveyards of the war soldiers who fought in world war I. However, it was said that the western and east africans didn’t allow the Indians to bury their departed soldiers. Thus this was the reason for the second beautiful and grand Cemetery that provided the final resting place for the Indian soldiers.

This is also the reason that paranormal investigators say that they can hear the souls of the departed souls fighting for this unjust behaviour. Yeesh! Mournful, tragic or funny the decision is solely yours.

Dutch Cemetery, Kochi

The Dutch Cemetery is located in Fort Kochi, Kochi. This is one of the oldest cemeteries of India which is said to be equally haunted as regards to its age. The present and engraved epitaphs indicate the records of 104 Dutch and British nationals. This cemetery however is said to remain shut down because of the swirling rumors of the british soldiers seeking bloody revenge from visiting Indians. Yikes!

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