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Sanjay Van: One of the Most haunted places in Delhi | Know the Haunted Story Behind Sanjay Van Delhi

Sanjay Van: One of the Most haunted places in Delhi | Know the Haunted Story Behind Sanjay Van Delhi

Sanjay van is an enormous forest area in Vasant Kunj, Mehrauli, New Delhi, occupying a whopping area of 443 acres. This acts as a respite in the immensely polluted nation of Delhi.

This raises a pivotal question of how Sanjay Van Delhi came to its present reputation as one of the most haunted places in Delhi. Before darkness descends, the Sanjay Van Park flaunts varied flora and fauna for tourists to gaze at and enjoy. The forest cum park is the resting place for diverse bird species like Indian Peafowl, Grey Heron, Asian Koel, Purple Sunbird, etc. It is a heaven for bird watchers and enthusiasts of nature to gain knowledge and observe them in their original habitat.

Is Sanjay Van One of the Most haunted places in Delhi ?

If you decide to visit Sanjay Van for its lush green forest and fresh air, you are in for a spooky surprise. Because on the surface, it might seem like a beautiful winter tourist attraction, but something sinister lurks in the dark corners of this forest, waiting to take you by surprise.

Believers think this place is haunted because it harbours the graves of many Sufi saints and the broken remains of Qila Rai Pithora. The visitors after sundown have made claims of hearing laughter, eerie cries, and slinking movements without anyone present, and even the haunting by a woman draped in a white saree.

More Stories to Justify Sanjay Van as most haunted places in Delhi

Some paranormal lovers claim that the spirit of 14th-century Sufi saint Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Ashiq Allah, whose tomb lies in the backyard of the forest in the middle of many other graves.

That’s why some travelers light candles in his memory, showing him a path while he walks through the forests. The horror has increased tenfold when people heard of the crematorium nearby, and the several unclaimed bodies found abandoned in this Sanjay Van forest, Sanjay Van Lake.

Restoration of Sanjay Van Park

After the prolonged efforts of the government of India, this place has transformed into a haven for nature lovers seeking a getaway from the hum-drum of city life. In all its scenic beauty, this place has been falsely claimed as one of the most haunted places in New Delhi.

Thus, the Government of India has advised the residents to stop spreading false narratives around a peaceful area like this, which could be an amazing tourist attraction for bird lovers and bikers to roam around and bike in. This place could also be considered a field trip for educating children from both college and school. But horror narratives spewed in the name of entertainment or boredom deter them away without any proper explanation or scientific ground.

Protection of the Sanjay Van Park grounds

Agriculture department started a plantation drive in May 2022 with the target of planting trees and shrubs alike for the beautification of the place and to dispel further groundless claims of haunted areas.

“20,000 seedlings have already been planted since July 2022, and Our priority is to plant trees with medicinal properties,” exclaimed Gajendra Singh, director, of horticulture, at DDA.

The diverse kinds of trees planted range from dhak, Cheri, desi keek, hingot, ronjh, and bistendu, which will increase the natural scenery and start the purification of air which is immensely required in polluted areas like Delhi.

Efforts have also been extended to clear the Sanjay Van Lake and install boat rides for tourists to spend their visit in recreation and relaxation. The park timings have been made more accessible both during mornings and evenings to further detract the haunted ideals.

Visit the forest in your leisure time and have fun stomping and relaxing in this gorgeous and rejuvenating forest.


Zarathustra says, "Superstition is born of ignorance and fear and thrives the most when reason is asleep.” This explains why people let an abode of nature and beauty almost become a deserted place instead of basking in its peaceful glory.

The idea that we are never alone might indicate a world beyond our own, but that doesn’t mean we should use this to destroy a beautiful place and ignore its ruined glory. We should always keep reminding each other of the dedication and efforts of the Government of India and the labourers who bled daily to restore the Sanjay Van Park and Sanjay Van Lake to their former glory. I’m

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