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Kuldhara Village Haunted Story | Story Of Kuldhara Abandoned Village

Ghost towns filled with sad people who settled for what life offered them. The road unfurls before us. Everything is possible. I feel sick to my stomach.” This is a very interesting remark about ghost towns by Pete Wentz and certainly holds against the hauntings of the Kuldhara village. This kuldhara-named abandoned village though sounds regal has been reduced to a deserted ghost village attracting the attention of paranormal believers across the country, willing to give this place a thorough tour.

Kuldhara Village History

Kuldhara abandoned village lies in the golden city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan at least seventeen-eighteen kilometers west of the city. As its legend goes it was believed that the once prosperous village of Paliwal brahmins fell to doom because of the wicked prime minister Salim Singh who desired the village chief’s gorgeous daughter without her consent. The powerful tyrant went as far as to threaten the residents with violence if his demands were refused.

The villagers set up an emergency council to discuss further decisions to be undertaken for the peace and safety of the village and thus unanimously decided to move across the country and vanish into obscurity without leaving behind a single trace of their existence to protect the sanity and peace of the 85 villages that came under its jurisdiction.

Curse of Kuldhara

This has been posited that before the inhabitant vanished, however, they set a curse upon kuldhara village that stated that no individual or family would ever be allowed to settle there, peacefully and be able to prosper in its environment. Because of this famed curse, the Kuldhara village soon turned into kuldhara abandoned village said to be darkened by the curse for eternity.

No one was able to call this village home and neither were they able to contribute to the prosperity of the ill-fated village was prosperous. It has been left abandoned and untouched in its misery as it was left by its inhabitants ages ago. Visitors claim that they’ve been chased away by some mysterious dark entity that doesn’t even allow people to stay overnight.

Salim Singh’s revenge?

This could also be true that the prime minister after his ego was hurt, decided to spread the false lead that the Kuldhara village was cursed to the point that the villagers were forced to abandon their beloved birthplace and uproot their culture and values to relocate someplace entirely new and begin. A miserable existence in an unfamiliar new environment without their loved ones and friends by their side. If this theory is true then this would be a very violent revenge story that destroyed an entire community of people living together in harmony.

Testimonials by people

Some people who have taken detours to this famous Kuldhara village suggest that to reach this place they had to travel through dusty ill-managed roads to reach the ruins of the once magnificent village. However, this place is being monitored by the survey of India and requires a ticket for entrance to be possible.

People have exclaimed that once they drive through the mud houses with caved-in roofs they feel shivers dancing down their spines as if they let the onlookers know about their ominous yet heart-wrenching story of the past.

The humid and desert area showcases people’s misery and obstacles of the past in a mournful manner. However, some skeptics have also claimed of feeling supernatural energy.

But some also suggested that it is a result of the Kuldhara village haunted story and were creeped out just the result of various groundless Kuldhara village haunted story turning into a specter of people’s imagination.

Kuldhara village is now an amalgamation of the ruined village it once used to be. There are various abandoned huts and temples that lie silent and steady against the humid backdrop of the desert. This could be claimed that this place isn’t cursed rather it acts as proof of desolation and how sometimes descendants are forced out of their original resting places because of tyrannies of unruly administrators without proper compensation and how the multitude of its generations are forced into destitution and ruins.

Haunted or not?

This also sheds light on the fact that sometimes cruel rulers force out the true residents of an area and lead to its utter downfall from its previous glory. Apart from all this, some believers claim that Kuldhara village is still cursed and have exclaimed that they’ve come across shadowy figures and felt tiny tugs on their sleeves and shoulders by unknown figures and that their ghostly equipment has picked up unusual activity thus proving the village to be haunted.

The contest of proving whether or not the village is haunted and cursed will continue to be a point of contrasting opinions of both skeptics and believers who will go to unbelievable lengths to prove their narrative.

The residents living in the nearby areas said that they have never felt any unexplained phenomena and don’t believe in the theory that this place is haunted. They even went on to say that they try to inform the visitors that the place is not a cursed or haunted place, rather it’s a place that stands tall as proof of the undying rebellious spirit of people.

The question that still tingles the curious minds of the people interested in this abandoned Kuldhara Village is how they were able to vanish from their home village within one night without leaving behind any proof of where they went and how they as a community pulled off protecting thousands of the residents from the cruel outbreaks of violence and taxes that would have been levied on them by Salim Singh.

Thus, proving to us once again the strength in unity of a community. This also is the perfect epitome of a community respecting its daughters and women and thwarting patriarchal beliefs that have been permeating from generations in our society. Other places should take a leaf out of Kuldhara village’s book and educate themselves to respect the consent of its womenfolk.

Because this story and the place haunted or not have turned into exemplary proof of how progressive even a village can be. So cursed or not this place will continue to attract visitors from various corners of the country for a long-long time into the future.

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