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Haunted Raj Kiran Hotel: People Are Unwilling to Even Be Near That Room! Why? Know the Haunted Story

Haunted Raj Kiran Hotel: People Are Unwilling to Even Be Near That Room! Why? Know the Haunted Story

Haunted stories are both intriguing and interesting but scary at the same time. Reading about them and experiencing about it are both different things. There are many haunted stories in India from a haunted library, haunted beaches to haunted society. One such haunted story is about a hotel by the name Raj Kiran in Lonavala.

Lonavala is one of Maharashtra’s most popular hill stations and weekend getaway for Mumbaikars and for people of Pune. Lonavala gets the most number of tourists throughout the year especially during the monsoon season when the weather is very pleasant for an outing at a hill station.

The greenery all around and a breath of fresh air is what we try to find in our busy city life. Due to this reason only there are many hotels all over in every nook and corner of Lonavala and one such hotel is Raj Kiran which is said to be haunted.


Raj Kiran hotel is one of the most budget-friendly hotels in Lonavala with the facilities like room services, pool, and restraint. But apart from this, there is also parking space provided for the guests for free. This hotel is also near lots of tourist spots like Shingroba temple, Tiger’s point, etc. which are within a distance of 1 km from the hotel.

But the hotel is not famous for its services or the location but instead for the horror story connected to it. The guests who have stayed there have reported many weird things. All of these complaints came from a single room though. The room is located on the ground floor of the hotel right behind the reception area of the hotel.

The staff working in the hotel seems to know all about the room. Earlier the room was open and allowed to the guests. But now it’s not the case as the room is always locked and is not allowed to be allotted to the guests. Unless absolutely necessary. Maybe it is due to the strange happenings in the room but no one can be sure about it apart forms the staff working in the hotel.

Stories such as bed sheets being pulled off at night or seeing strange blue lights near one’s foot and a constant feeling of being watched or being in someone’s presence are some of the strange happenings of the hotel.

Haunting Incidents in a room:

One such story is about a couple who went on honeymoon and were staying in the room but they always felt some kind of presence around them gave them weird vibes and they decided to change the room.

Another such story is when a couple was sleeping and all of a sudden in the middle of the night someone pulled the sheets they used to cover their body. The wife got scared and asked her husband to check whether someone entered their room and the husband compiled and decided to check the room.

After thoroughly checking the room the couple was unable to find anyone which scared them further and the room was also locked from inside due to this reason they decided to complain at the reception.

Many guests who stay in this room often complain and demand to change the room and the staff also knew about the room almost always compiles and change rooms. Knowing that the room does not give any type of positive vibes or is always having this weird, eerie feeling about it, they are unable to refuse such request and always agree for the change of room. But this all was earlier when the room was open but now the room is always closed.


What really happened in the room is a huge mystery and no one seems to know anything or if they do know something no one is willing to tell anyone anything? Sometimes the haunted stories regarding hotels seem to be good for business as it intrigues people who are interested in seeing things like this themselves or are trying to know more about it.

Maybe it started like that. Many people wanted to rent that room and stay in it but it later became so unbearable for anyone to stay there that the room was permanently closed. Now people are unwilling to even be near that room which is considered to be haunted.


For a place to be haunted, there must be a story connected to it but there is no information about the room anywhere. There is nothing that actually happened in that room or why the spirit or whatever that thing is trying to scare people and why the room was closed all of a sudden? Although several hundred or thousands of visitors check into the hotel during a year, the actual mystery of the hotel and the room is unknown.

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