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How Liberal Thinking Can Change the World Around You? Comment Your Views on it!

Liberal thinking is a school of thought that quintessentially advocates liberty, equality and acceptance. It imagines a utopia where one can be what one truly wants, rather fitting into the box carved by society, culture and governments.

Today, one can see multiple celebrities trying to endorse the 'body positive' movement, which proclaims that not only the tall, thin, young and fair women are beautiful but women of all ages, races, dress sizes are beautiful. One does not need to feel any less of themselves if they do not adhere to the above-mentioned criteria.

Liberal thinking is accepting every quirk of human behaviour, without resentment or judgement. Being liberal means you are breaking free from the prejudices of your society, culture and traditions. You are now choosing for yourself without being irrational or biased. This mindset is so appreciated because it incorporates and embraces all kinds of people, without alienating any.

However, liberal thinking is easier said than done. We are used to being biased, to agree with culturally accepted generalisation, norms and roles. And we have been doing this for ages. So the first step, towards liberal thinking is self-examining your own self, and spotting any unnecessary or irrational maladies of blind conformism.

The next step would be being tolerant towards everything and everyone, with an urge to learn why people do what they do, and no matter how uncommon, it may be letting everyone be how they want to be. Here, acceptance and learning go hand in hand. For instance, a ritual or a seemingly bizarre practice may seem incomprehensible and illogical, but the willingness to learn and understand will bring empathy and sometimes that is all humanity requires.

The other important requisite for being liberal-minded is being perceptive and analytical. One needs to have the ability to see things from different perspectives, to cross-check before believing. A liberal is also a cynic, who is unshaken by a wave of emotional hysteria.

So, how to practice liberal thinking in day to day life? Simply, every time you make a decision or form any opinion, think if you are being objective or are you succumbing to your predilection. For example, When someone insults a specific race or religion, do not just blatantly nod, think if it is really possible for every member of a specific race or religion to be evil or worthy of your hate. Be mindful of the casually sexist, racist or other discriminatory remarks made in your surroundings. Try to analyse the stream of thought behind the remarks. Question the everyday life generalisations we all make. Try countering them.

More importantly, see the world as a place where you have come to live and not judge. The most liberal thing to do nowadays is to live and let live. It is not anyone's duty to interfere in anyone's personal life and one should not do so, even if you do not agree to something. As long as it is consensual, unharming to anyone's well being, it is alright. If everyone would let go of the prejudiced notion of self-righteousness, the world would be a better place.

Lastly, give everyone the treatment that you would want to receive. Hate brings hate, acceptance builds love and the world right now, could really use some love, smiles and kindness.

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