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Girls! Don't Laugh Out Loud (LOL), it Offends Others in the Society.

"Sit properly".

" Don't spread your legs like a man"

"Speak softly"

"Laugh decently"

"Log kya kahenge?" (What'll the people say)

"Shhh! Girls shouldn't make much noise"

Half of her life gets overhearing these endless lists of norms and etiquettes. The other half ends with her following these things and teaching them to the next. And then she takes the last breath. People finally stop then talking about her! Looks as if her death is the escape from "log kya kahenge?"

Laughing is good exercise. The more you laugh, the healthier you become. But wait, girls hold on. There are some rules. You should always put up a soft smiling face. And then laugh delicately. The sound of your laughter should not be heard to the person sitting within 1-meter distance from you. The louder you laugh, the chances of you being a whore increase!

Be a girl of honour. Be a dignified girl. So,shhhhh

My first question, why being louder is unholy for a female?

Laughing aloud, Talking aloud, or doing just anything that is loud is not acceptable for just a particular gender. Why??? While boys are taught to speak sternly and loudly, why is that you teach your daughter to be docile. "Act like a girl". Why should she act like one? She's already born a girl. So, there's no need for acting like one.

In many places, it is considered that a girl who laughs loudly tries to attract the attention of fine males. It's an art of seduction. Like seriously? You'll laugh loudly and men will come crowding around you! Are the menfolk so weak that they can be tempted with mere loud laughter?

Laughing loudly is improper for girls in many households. Maybe it suggests that they are having a good and hearty time outside the kitchen, and that's something wholly undesirable. Women are supposed to be working and toiling all day long. And so, their having some gala time is questionable.

The louder the girl laughs, the weaker the pillars of patriarchy becomes, I guess. Why is it told, "girls from good family don't always laugh much". Okay, I get it. So the laughing aloud shakes the rigid patriarchal norms of a girl being docile and submissive. So, a loud girl is labelled as uncultured and mannerless. Wow!!! Am mesmerized. Your brother can break the house by being loud and manly and you being a girl shouldn't utter anything. That's so ridiculous.

How can someone just employ rules on a simple act as laughing? I mean a girl is laughing aloud, maybe her friend has cracked a hilarious joke or the reason may be anything. What's shameful in it? Who are you to decide what is modesty and what's immorality? Let's just give the girls to live a life according to their own terms. Let them laugh aloud instead of some sober giggling.

Let them talk loudly instead of teaching them to be whispering sweetly. Let them think of themselves instead of the people whose only business is to criticize.

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