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Women! You Should Know Cooking. Why Women Always belong to the kitchen?

"Can you cook", asked the grandmother, having a glance of her natured breasts and the "aged" face.


"Ewww, then what use are you off? Why will anyone marry you?", a scorn and a frown accompany the reply of the old lady.

Raise your hands, lady! How many have you experienced such a conversation? Awkward, right? Like someone is judging you on the basis of your culinary education!

Cooking, to this day is considered a task. Kitchen is the domain of the feminine figures who are to win the heart of the male members through their skills of cooking. A woman is expected to prepare new and delicious items for her husband's tiffin box. She is to watch culinary shows to learn new cuisines. Interestingly, most culinary shows to have a woman as the hostess and women are the daily participants too. I mean, what's their point? Women equal to cooking and cooking equals to women.

Today, when we have a great chef like Sanjeev Kapoor, how can we still linger to the idea that cooking is specifically a gendered specific task. And that every girl should learn to cook. We have male chefs in five stars hotels, still, we love to harbour the idea that cooking is exclusively for women.

A woman can never be forced to learn culinary skills. If she loves it, then it's a different issue. But if you are thinking of teaching your daughter cooking just because she's your daughter and not a son, then please, let the liberal mindset attack you.

Why is that every advertisement about things related to the kitchen and cooking has a woman being cast? Most such ads show a woman serving food and receiving applause for her cooking. Why? Isn't it high time that these stereotypes should be stopped?

Even working women are expected to make breakfasts and prepare dinner after returning from the workplace. While one may find the husband snoozing on the sofa or enjoying a match. Why is it that the woman always should lend a cup of tea to the husband? And whenever the husband does so, why is that the society names him as "wife's puppet".

Yes, cooking is a great and useful art. Everyone should learn it. It's always better to cook one's own food rather than wait for some food delivery from outside. But the problem is that we parallel cooking to a particular gender. It's not a woman's duty or obligation to learn cooking.

One may learn it. One may not. Not knowing how to handle utensils and curries and spices doesn't anyway hamper the feminine entity of the individual. It doesn't necessarily make the person "un-woman". You cannot just question someone's gender by the qualities the person possesses.

If you, Mr Husband want a sumptuous meal, go prepare it together. Don't just order your better half. Share your culinary experience together. And if are too lazy to do so, either order it or abandon the desire altogether. You have married a woman not hired her. Even if she knows cooking, you are never to think it explicitly as her task.

So, next you if you, women, have such an awkward cooking conversation, give a suitable reply instead of tutoring yourself to be a suitable bride. You can become a bride, but never an unpaid maid.

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