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Stop crying like a Woman! Does Real Man Don't Cry? Then Why Society has Such Obligation to it?

Mard ko dard nhi hota! ( A man has no pain). Ladka rote nhi! ( Men shouldn't cry). Yes, why should a man cry? His only duty is to earn, to have children, to suppress his wife and become the patriarch of the family. He shouldn't be sad. He shouldn't sob or weep ( not even privately). It's a punishable offence, mind it. Crying and masculinity don't go hand in hand.

The evils of patriarchy did not only crush the women section to death, but it had hard impacts on the male society, as well. A man is supposed to be working. He has no right to serve the household. Even, there are households where males don't even step into the kitchen- the sphere for the women( as dictated by our society). Among many other sets of rules and regulations put upon a man, No Crying is the most formidable one.

Crying doesn't necessarily mean that you are weak. It means you are just broken. The current situation is too much for you to bear. Again, crying doesn't always go parallel with pain. Happiness can also make you cry! Like any other expression of emotions, crying is an outward expression. How is that a mere expression is clung to a particular gender? Like, we expect women to be always sobbing and crying. And a man, to be stern and rigid. Why?

Mard ko vi dard hota hai! ( Man also do feel pain). Now, a man is not made up of machines. He has a heart, he has emotions. He has the right to feel upset when he sees his dad ill. He has the right to cry when his girlfriend ditches him. He has the right to sob when his daughter is missing. He has the right to show every single emotion.

You just can't make a person stronger by forbidding him from crying. It blocks one's emotions and thereby causing internal dissatisfaction and disturbance. Crying lessens the burden making us feel a bit relaxed.

Also, every time we say, Men don't cry, we mean, that crying is a symbol of weakness, explicitly meant for the feminines. Wow! That's not right. How does society expect girls to be crying and sobbing all the time? Women are tended to be weaker, and so they cry at everything. I have seen many boys consoling their male friends who're sobbing, " Hey dude! Stop crying like a woman". Note the words - "like a woman". So, basically the equation goes like this, weakness= crying= woman.

And then again, I have met males who say "At least, girls can cry. We, men, don't even sob". Like, really? Why don't you cry, if it can make you feel better? Believe me, there's no harm in it. It's fine to show off your feelings. You needn't hide unnecessarily. Also, a girl may not cry too.

She is not subjected to the task of crying just because she's having a vagina and you are not just because you have a masculine organ. These bullshitting ideologies are just sheer illogical. So, better not follow them. Follow your heart. If you want to laugh, then laugh. If you want to cry, then cry aloud. You needn't explain.

Next time, you see anyone advising his/her male child not to cry because it's not a man's duty, slam the person. Tell the kid, "Cry as much as you wish to. It's an emotion. Not a weight machine of your masculinity".

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