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Does Girls Who Don't Wear Traditional Dresses are Sluts? High Time to Change the Age Old Mentality!

"The more She covers, the holier she is". The amount of skin visible on a woman is directly proportional to her being from a family of culture or she being a modern slut. These are one of the many common cultural inferences drawn in the Indian culture, where traditional clothes equal to hailing from a good family. Skin showing is prostitution. Getting raped is a choice. And finally, female consent or liberty is a joke!

How many of you have seen any typical Indian soap-opera? Most of us, haven't we?

Well, let's now a picture of a household shown in the serials. A family having 2 girls- one virtuous, the other villainous. The virtuous and "holy" girl is dressed in traditional wears, mostly Salwar kameez and the other one is inclined towards short Western dresses. The former one is loved, (for her attires) and is said to have learned the right values and ethics of the family.

Okay, so Indian public is basically consuming such bullshitting ideals and philosophies. I mean, what's the point here? Someone (girls, to be noted) from "respectable" families should always and always wear traditional and desi wears. This ideology is applicable only to girls. So boys, hold on! You don't have to follow such things. You should be comfortable in your Western suits. That enriches the respect and privilege of the family to which they belong.

First of all, a dress is a dress, be it for a boy or a girl. It is not a manifestation of the character of a person or the honour of the family he belongs to. Your attire can never be an object of judgement. So a girl wearing a short dress doesn't necessarily mean that she hails from a " Bad " family. It is her choice to wear so, she is wearing. It's not the people's obligation to judge her or her family. The debate ends here.

Second, how can you just judge a person by his/her clothes? I mean, that's so very illogical and stupid. A saree is not a mark of purity, serenity or benevolence. It is just an attire. Like, a woman can wear Saree and be a human trafficker side by side. And likewise, a girl wearing what you call "uncultured clothes" can be a humanitarian working for the street children. It can be anything.

In the same manner, the family of the girl can never be judged on the basis of what the girl wears. Maybe her parents are liberal-minded good people who have better things to do in life other than judging the honour of another family. People, stop judging, please. Her dress is not a culprit and you are not a High Court Judge.

So, next time you see your next-door aunty scolding her daughter for wearing "non- Sanskari" clothes which eventually will defame their family, Stop her!

And lastly, what do you think of girls? Have they taken the responsibility to

be the epitome of family respect? She is a human being, a complete human being having her own desires and issues. If she wears a Salwar kameez she's she, not the manifesto of her family honour. The same is applied if she goes for Western attires.

I rarely see boys in Indian traditional wears. How many of you have seen a boy maintaining a desi dress code, on a daily basis? So, are they not capable enough to bring forth the honour of their families through their clothes???

Like, a boy can flaunt himself in torn low-waisted jeans, bright hair colours and there are complete no issues regarding them. If their clinging to Western styles is not an issue then why is it so for a girl? Why then a good family girl should wear traditional wears? Ask yourself, why? You will have no answer, I challenge you. Illogical notions don't have any explanations.

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