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"Must have been the wife's fault…", Why is it always a woman's fault when her man cheats on her?

"Must have been the wife's fault…", Why is it always a woman's fault when her man cheats on her?

A man having an illegitimate relationship is a humorous and lovely topic for movies and serials (the opposite is against our tradition). A man having a wife can have girlfriends. It's natural. The fault is not the husband's though, as regarded by society. "Must have been the wife's fault…". So let's see at what grounds she is accused.

She's not attractive

"Ewww, my wife looks so Auntyish". It's her fault, yes it's hundred per cent her fault. Why isn't she attractive? Is it not known to her that an attractive body is needed to hold on the attention of the husband. Obviously, if the wife doesn't seem attractive, the man must seek pleasure outside!!!

Okay after taking care of your daily needs and changing the diapers of the babies, she may not have time left to look before the mirror. Her sexy body might have vanished because of household stress.

She's too dominant

Now males like to dominate but hate being dominated into. Bollywood has given a very amazing picture of this- The man is frustrated because of the constant chirping of the wife, who always tells him what to do and what not to do. She doesn't allow you to spend lavishly on drinks and parties.

She forbids you from attending a night out. She's always angry, always scolds. And so the man is in love with the pleasant secretary. Wow!!!!! What a marvellous picture! So to have your husband all too yourself, you should never try to mend his bad habits. You should always wear a sweet and pleasant face, no matter what's going inside you.

She gives no time

Having a working wife? That's disgusting, right? Too much careerist! She has no time to please her little husband. So needless to say, he has to cheat on her because men can't control their biology!

Ever thought what consumes her time? She may be doing overtime to run the family much smoothly. She's is busy on some assignment. Or she's not just making it out to give you time. Are you available to her every time she asks for? Think about it.

She's not good at bed

Now comes the main topic. She doesn't fulfil your sexual needs. She is somewhat uncomfortable with you. She doesn't do as you tell her on the bed. So you have to cheat on her. It's her fault after all. Okay, she may have some genuine problems. Have you ever asked her gently instead of just blaming? Is sex the ultimatum of every relationship?

The patriarchy seems to find no faults of the men. Whatever they do is always right from their point of view. Even if they cheat in a relationship, it's never their fault. There being unfaithful is never questioned. The character, the abilities and the love of the women are proven guilty. The above-mentioned points are put forth by society to prove the men innocent.

It is usually considered a woman's duty to maintain the charm of the relationship. She should put all the efforts, she should make all the sacrifices and she should bear the tantrums of her partner. If she fails, the man is bound to fly away. A relationship cannot run on one's personal efforts. Both should make compromises, both should accept each other's faults and head towards a happy relationship.

So, when a male cheats, society should just stop judging the woman. Rather should question the society on his being unfaithful and untrue. It's not the question of gender always, it's the question of trust. Think about it!

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