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In The Male-dominated Society, Earning Is a Man's Task! "My Husband Earns Enough, So I Needn't Work"

In The Male-dominated Society, Earning Is a Man's Task! "My Husband Earns Enough, So I Needn't Work"

When asked a woman why she doesn't work, one of the most obvious answers is, "My husband earns enough. So I needn't work."

In the male-dominated society, earning is always a man's task. The income of the woman is always seen as an added income to the family and not the main income. It's still the man who is considered to be the main source of income. Anything more than that is just a bonus that hasn't much importance. There are households in our country where the family disdains the money earned by the women and proudly proclaim that it's beyond their dignity to live on a mere female's money (however taking a handsome dowry is fine). If the husband's income is comparatively lower, the woman's salary is still prioritized. But if the former's income is enough to sustain the family, then the woman is often barred from working.

The only sphere attributed to the women is the domain of kitchen and children. Anything beyond these is unnatural for women. So it is expected that she should go for the unnatural only if it's necessary. So the woman here is not given the choice to live her life on her own terms. Her capability to work is judged by her husband's ability to earn. And that's unfair!

It is usually cited that if the husband earns enough, the woman of the house should not trouble herself by working. A woman earning is still a taboo in many households. "Our women don't work outside"- it is often said to her. Also, society sees it as an insult and disrespect to the menfolk when their women go out to earn. It's seen as a challenge thrown at the men who are well capable of earning. The women's task ends up in rearing the children and taking care of the household and bearing the shoutings of the men for too much of "wastage" of money. And then again, to stop this "wastage", when she tries to earn, the society forbids her.

The husband earning enough is just an excuse laid down by society just to keep the womenfolk in control. If she is made financially dependent, then she will be forced to act according to the doctrines of patriarchy. Disabling them financially makes the females lost within the labyrinths of the tyrannical patriarchal norms and ideologies.

It's not about earning much. It's about being financially independent. It's about being free. Even if the husband earns enough or more than enough, it is always his hard-earned money, not the wife. She has to ask for money from him. She is bound to remain under his surveillance to fulfil her desires. What's more insulting than satisfying your needs with someone's hard-earned money?

Being financially dependent makes one disabled. Her desires are suppressed, her voice remains unimportant, her ideologies are mocked at. Therefore it's not just the question of the just mere notes you earn, it's your voice that should be heard, it's your principles that should be respected. Even if the woman earns quite less from the husband, it's one step towards women empowerment and if its a personal choice then the choice should be given to the men too.

It is easy to speak for liberal thinking but difficult to implement. Start implementing what you preach.

This category is a small effort of ours toward a better society so that it gives freedom to choose the life individual wants. It is easy to say my thoughts are liberal but difficult to follow. Let's read and spread for a better tomorrow.

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