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"It's After All, For Regular Sex That A Man Gets Driven Towards Marriage", The Patriarchy Preaches

"How can a wife get raped by her husband? It's his legal and marital right to have a sexual relationship with the wife. It's after all, for the scope of regular sex that had driven him towards marriage", the patriarchy preaches.

From the aged old times, women were paralleled to sex objects. Women are meant to be enjoyed in the dark cozy bedrooms. The man has to release his all day's frustration upon the woman lying for him. Yes, we love this. We, women, crave for this love and we are taught to take his violence as components of lovemaking. "Please your husbands, Gods will be pleased". Appease them in bed even if you are bleeding, even if you're dreadfully tired, even if you try to plead " No".

Marital rape is never considered as a case to be judged in our land. The Indian Penal Code states that marital rape becomes a criminalized issue only when the wife is below 15 years of age. And anyone above this age bar needn't have justice!

A wife in India is rarely seen as an individual entity. She is always in the care of Mr Husband. She is expected to act according to his whims and wishes. She is taught to fulfil his carnal desires so that he doesn't seek pleasure outside! In the process of doing so, thousands of wives have let go of their consents. "Consent" is a word that's probably not known to the typical Indian men. And consent from wives!!! That's something totally unheard to them.

A wife is an individual being. She is human. She is a person having her own identity. The patriarchal society has no right to share someone's right. So, none can drag a woman to bed against her wishes, let alone the husband. If he forces himself upon his wife, it's as much a punishable offence as rape by any stranger. Becoming a husband doesn't give the liberty to any man to violate the rights of another individual.

A no is a no! People need to understand this. The Indian men feel like when a woman says no to sex, she actually means yes. Behind her hesitation is her approval for intimation. O please don't! You men don't have to understand the women so very deeply. If she says no, it's a big no and no and no. Try to accept it. She doesn't want to have it. Fine. It's okay. You don't have to prove your masculinity every night.

It's high time, the husbands understand that their wives are their better halves (Ardhangini, the scriptures say so), and not their sex slaves. It's a morally punishable offence to force you upon someone. You scorn at a rapist and then you force your wife in bed. What makes you different from that acknowledged rapist? Think. Both of you have done the same thing. But he is the rapist and you are the "Pati Parameswar " (Husband is the god of gods). Our society labels so.

So you feel it's your right to do so? Never. It was, is and will always be wrong to force your wife for lovely sex behind the locked doors. You are a criminal.

Sex is passionate, it cannot be forced, it can be enjoyed. Have your thoughts Liberal, change the way you think and then the way people in your surrounding. You don't need an army to bring a revolution, just need a small flint. Become someone's flint and be the voice of tomorrow.

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