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What Men Find Attractive: Unique Ways to Get a Guy Notice You and Fall for You

Fallen for some guy? But is he not paying heed to you. Well, he will, sooner or later, if you make some efforts instead of dreaming about him noticing you someday. Though it differs from person to person, we have organized proven traits that can make any guy notice you.

Be Confident

Your Confidence is the foremost thing that everyone around you observes. Know your abilities. Flaunt yourself. And most importantly love yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and discover the uniqueness and the qualities within you- both the physical beauty and the things you are good at. Your appearance ( from the dress you wear to the shoes you put on) is a manifestation of your confidence. However outer appearance is not the only thing that matters. You should be confident from the very innermost self. Your inner confidence will automatically help to outshine your outer look.

Also, you can approach the guy yourself rather than wait for the stereotypical concept of the man bending on his knees with flowers.


Smile is the most expensive, yet the most beautiful makeup you can wear. Smile when you see him. Your heartwarming smile may melt his heart for you. When you pass by him, wave at him and just give him a smile. However, don't put on a mechanical smile. Let your inner happiness and contentment reflect through your smile.

Don't be Desperate

Don't be hasty! Don't let him know that he then ends of your world. Value yourself. Don't ground your self-esteem. If you become too nervous at his presence you may become desperate and that's one thing that most guys don't like. Don't force him for conversation or attention. Let him know that you have your own world.

Text him. But avoid sending large texts every now and then. This makes you look desperate. Give him space. Don't expect him to be noticing you every moment or to be showering you with compliments.

Be Yourself

Again, love yourself only then you can expect others to love you. Don't change your styles you are comfortable with, just for the sake of his attention. Don't try to act over smart. And don't boast about things you don't know. Be the way you are. Don't try to copy the style of the most attractive girl in your college or workplace. Rather flaunt yourself in your own skin. Be yourself, be unique.

Compliment him

Tell him, "Your shoes look quite great with your attire". Don't exaggerate, however. Give genuine praises. Guys love girls who genuinely praise them.

Use Social Media as an Opportunity

Follow him or send him a friend request in social media. He may follow you back. Then you will be able to let him see your posts and pictures. Go out, have fun with friends, click pictures, post them. This will make your life seem interesting and active. However, just don't pose too many selfies of you, too often. This pictures you as a narcissist and he might turn off.

Don't follow him everywhere. Follow him where you're most active. Following him in every social media platform will create the impression that you are desperate for his attention.

Break the touch barrier

While conversing, touch him gently or just pat him on his shoulder. Make him feel comfortable and also be comfortable yourself.


Just don't dream about him all the time. Try to talk. Listen to him. Know his fields of interest and if they match with yours, drag the conversation regarding those topics. Don't go on talking too much. Let him talk. People love it when given an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Be Unique

Try to stand out of the crowd. Wear something that's quite unique and not in trend. But don't overdress. Question yourself, "Why should he look at me amidst several other girls?" The answer you get to yourself is the field where you should focus.

Use a good perfume so that you smell awesome. Guys love mesmerizing fragrances. When you walk past him or sit beside him, make sure you smell unique.

Ask For Help

Men love to feel needed. So don't hesitate to ask for his help.

If you couldn't follow the professor, ask him in the library, " Can you please help me in understanding this part?" or if you are facing problems with your new assignment request him to lend a helping hand.

And yes, don't forget to say "thank you" (With a gorgeous smile, of course).

So these are some of the tips that can be followed. But one must always remember that all men are not the same and what one likes may be the reason of hatred for the other. So don't hook up to any particular suggestion. The human mind is far beyond any definite and concrete sets of likes and dislikes. Notice him, notice his movements and act accordingly.

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