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Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital: Patients Started Dying Mysteriously! Know The Horror Behind It.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital: Patients Started Dying Mysteriously! Know The Horror Behind It.

Mysterious Introduction

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is one of the 3 most haunted places in South Korea. In fact, it is the scariest building where local people feel terrified to go. The local folklore has it that the owner of the hospital was insane. His unscrupulous behavior was the cause of the death of his innumerable patients. A lot of haunted stories are behind the evacuation of this building. What are they? Hold back yourselves while we unveil them to you one by one.

Brief About The Place

The Gonjiam psychiatric Hospital is located in Gwangju-si, South Korea. Gwangju-si is a small city in Seoul. The appearance of the building will surely be the cause of shivering of your spin. Every year many people come here to see and research the existence of ghosts.

Entering the building is not so easy as there are many metal gates in front of the doors, windows. Also, rush on the doors, broken windows, empty floors make the building, as well as the place, so much haunted.

What Is The Mystery?

In every case, there is a mystery behind the ghost story. CNN has claimed this building as one of the best haunted places in the world. The building shut down its doors suddenly due to technical reasons though many stories hidden in it. Some local legends told that in the hospital, patients started dying mysteriously. In fact, some people claimed that the doctors were as insane as their patients.

The building had been closed since 1995. For the last 10 year of the 1990s, patients and staff were suddenly dying. The dead bodies lay hidden in the rooms. Also, some family members of the patients died too though there must be an infection which is the cause of their death. Gradually, a story came up surrounding the hospital. Some claimed to feel paranormal activities on the dark floors in the abandoned hospital. Many paranormal investigators carried out research on these.

Story And Belief Behind The Mystery

At times, local people heard strange shrieks and wails from the house. They even saw weird silhouettes running out of the building. They also heard scratching sounds and saw bloodstains on windows. Many people think that the sounds are happening due to the dead patient's pain.

There is a research paper "Haunts of the ward: Abandoned Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital Toys with Rational Thought", by Sarah Edge and Logic (photographer) published on October 15, 2019. There, they faced some paranormal activities. When they were on the first floor, a door suddenly opened. They thought that was because of air. But as soon as they went to the second floor, no air was there, and they saw the light was there in room 222. The door paused.

Suddenly, they saw a shadow beneath the light, which made them so much scared and made the belief behind the building stronger. In fear, they went to other places in the building but could not forget that dangerous moment. They also thought that there might be someone else like them, but it was not so.

But obviously, there was no written letter "KILL" in blood as they mentioned in "Expat Haunts" in their research paper. But, it is also said that they can't forget that moment in room 222 which is really very scary. This was the mentioned paranormal incident in the building.

There is a story behind the building. Firstly, the appearance of this is really very scary. There are many floors in the building. From that, the ground floor is the darkest one. The hospital reopened on December 9, 1992. It again closed in 1995. According to some legends, the owner was insane, and many patients were prisoners. In 1996, Government Officials came to investigate the case, then he ran away to America.

Reports say that for the last 10 years in the 1990s, suddenly and mysteriously, patients and staff were found dead in the places of the hospital. As we mentioned before, some of their family members died too. Although medicos believed that it happened due to infection. In the year 1995, it was fully operational. After that, people left the hospital leaving medical equipment, beds, and dirty mattresses.

There are a lot of beliefs surrounding the building. Some legends believe that paranormal activities are still going on there still now. Many researchers researched this and found nothing mysterious. Those who have gone there to satisfy their curious mind, they also found nothing, as well as their cameras, could not prove any existence of ghosts. On March 28, 2018, a Korean director Jung Bum-shik released a film "Gonjiam: Haunted "based on the hospital.

That's the story and belief behind the mystery of the mysterious hospital.

Why Was The Hospital Closed?

Actually, the hospital faced fierce criticism for several problems like sewage disposal system problems and economic instability. Though every year few people come there to research and investigate paranormal activities which are not proved yet. Some of them come to satisfy their curious minds.

As soon as the technical problems came in front of all, the hospital owner had escaped to America. Now, it is not easy to enter into the building for the local people. But, there all the matters are standing on the logics why the hospital shut down.

In 1996, the owner escaped to America, the United States. Officials shifted the remaining patients to other hospitals. From that time the building had been vacant. Patient's books, diaries, photos, doctor's medical equipment, beds, desks, benches are still there. It is really unchanged till today.


Well, there is all the information on the mystery and the uncanny beliefs. The cause behind it's shutting down is also elucidated. Now it's your time to think about the facts logically and know the actual truth. Isn't it?

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