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Hidden Dark secret Behind Poveglia Island’s Abandonment: Come Experience a Ghost Adventure

Hidden Dark secret Behind Poveglia Island’s Abandonment: Come Experience a Ghost Adventure

Between Venice and Lido in the South Lagoon sits the tiny Italian island of Poveglia, which has been recognized as the house of refugees, stronghold, and place of exile for centuries. Besides, the island also served as a dumping ground for diseases, deceased and dying.


In 421, the island was the first to welcome the population fleeing from the brutal invaders ravaging the mainland.

The island's relatively small size made it defendable and not worth the trouble for the invading armies. This small community lived in peace for several centuries and avoided the laws and taxes of the mainland; their population dwindled, and by the 4th century, the island was again abandoned.

Like most other small islands, the Bubonic Plague spread across Venice in 1348, making Poveglia a quarantine colony. One out of three Europeans died in the plague; fearing the rampant spread of disease, Venice exiled most of the citizens to the island, especially those who bore any symptoms of the disease, which modern scholars consider a death sentence.

The dead and the people who were sick of protesting against an action were burned on pyres, which can be found at the center of the island, which included thousands of Venetians dying on the mainland.

The pyres were set to fire again in 1630 with the sweeping of the Black Death through the city. The military campaign of Napoleon relied entirely on ghostly legends and defendable positions in protecting the stores of weapons and gunpowder.

Poveglia Island in the 1800s became a new home to mentally disturbed people. The poorly constructed asylum was a place of exile rather than a center for rehabilitation. In the 1930s, rumors about a doctor who performed strange experiments on his patients began to spread.

Treatments in Asylum:

According to him, lobotomies were the only best treatments for the mentally ill, though the processes adopted were outrageous and painful. Some say he used chisels and hammers for drilling without anesthesia on the patients.

He had some particular patients whom he considered unique and took them to the bell tower of the asylum to perform some of his darkest experiments. People say they hear the screams of people with low incomes and tortured souls.

People say the doctor eventually became psychic and committed suicide from the tallest tower of the asylum. Although the tower bell was removed several decades ago, locals claim to hear the chimes echo from the lonely island.

By the middle of the 20th century, the same structure was converted into a senior center, which did not run long and was closed by 1975. Presently, the entire island remains abandoned, and the government from visiting prohibits the locals and tourists, and anglers steer clear from the accused places.

However, in recent years, Italian construction crews attempted to restore the former hospital building. Still, they stopped abruptly without any explanation, leaving the locals to speculate that the construction firm had driven away due to the rule of the dark forces on the island.

Ghost Adventures Investigation:

The people from Ghost Adventures investigated what haunts the island and found one million dead bodies burned in giant pyres, making it one of the prime reasons why the bones of the dead were found to continue to wash the shore.

They telecasted their findings on their show, stranded themselves for 24 hours and claimed the island full of perceived curses, creepy music, apparitions, weird energy, unexplained malfunctions in equipment and off the charts and ghost monitors.

They even involved themselves in risky activities such as a plan Chet with the ghosts in their best Italian accent and enquired whether the spirits were murderers. They even reported having seemed to hear their answers in weird voices, including mysterious bangs, audible footsteps, disembodied voices, and strange orbs, all captured in video and audio.

As with the program episode, people bashed the validity of the claim that the island is haunted. The crew members of Ghost Adventures reported the absence of boats making regular stops on the island. The Italian tourism board legally prohibits locals and tourists from visiting the island; however, if people love to set their trembling feet on the human ash-covered land, they must undergo lengthy legal proceedings to obtain prior approval.

Although Italians have long been keeping Poveglia Island at the bottom of their tourist attractions list, curious ghost chasers successfully find their way onto the forbidden shores having confusing experiences about their encounters with the undead.


Regarding the island's spirits, people always find precisely what they seek. In the end, no one can say that the island is haunted; however, people who have visited the place report the place to be one of the scariest in Italy.

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