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What your Blood Group says about Your Personality | Relationship Between Blood Group and Personality

Blood Group, Personality

People in India and America look at the star signs for checking the level of compatibility. But, your blood group says anything about your personality? Yes, the Japanese use blood groups for personality matching and information. Are you shocked after reading this? Your blood group reveals a lot about your personality type.

Ketsueki-gata is the term used for analyzing the personality of a person based on their blood groups. The term gained popularity since the 1930s. Tokaji Furukawa, a professor published a paper claiming that each of the blood types reflects the personality of the person. What is the science behind it?

A, B, AB, and O, the four basic blood types are different from each other based on their antigens. The surface of the red blood cells (RBC) contains antigens. It helps in the analysis of the effective working of the immune system.

It is most surprising that the Japanese are very fond of asking blood types of other people. Why? Because they believe in blood type personality theory. They also use this method while choosing employees of the companies. Although there is no scientific proof about the blood type personality, yet many people claim the theory to be true for them.

Personality Traits among the A Type

People with A blood type are sensitive, emotional, cooperative, passionate and clever. They are peace-loving, patient, and loyal to everyone and thus stay away from fighting with others. But, at times they are sensitive. They like to follow the rules, social standards, and etiquettes set down by society and never like breaking them.

They need time to make any decision and are over-organized in all spheres of life, but they fail in the art of multitasking. They like cleanliness and want all their things in the right places. This is why most people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) fall into the A-type.

People having this blood group stress out. They have a high amount of cortisol or stress hormone in their blood. They are reliable and trustworthy friends. They never show their emotions and feeling to others unless they feel comfortable.

Personality Traits among the B Type

They are very creative and quick decision-makers but are bad at taking orders. They put every part of themselves into something when they are focusing. With a strong desire, they want in excelling at everything they perform. They are like the A-type when it comes to multitasking.

People with B type are quite thoughtful and empathetic towards others. They make good and reliable friends. They have negativity in their personality traits such as selfishness and uncooperative behaviour. Hence, they face discrimination.

These people are curious, relaxed, strong, creative, passionate, adventurous cheerful, outgoing, and active. They are wild, erratic, selfish, unforgiving, unpredictable, uncooperative, and irresponsible. The society focuses more on their negative traits and hence, they tend to be lonely.

Personality Traits among the AB Type

It is the rarest blood type in the world. People falling under this blood type have a mixture of personality traits of both A and B. Complicated with have dual personalities. They do not hide their personalities from strangers. Thereby, most people feel that they own mixed personalities.

They are charming and make friends. With their presence, there will never be a dull moment in a group of friends. But, they are poor in coping with stress. They are careful while dealing with others. They are empathetic and have exceptional logical and analytical skills.

Personality Traits among the O Type

Daring, outgoing, and enterprising people. They set up high standards for themselves and can do everything for achieving them. They have extensive leadership qualities and small things do not bother them. This is the reason why other people, especially the A-type refer them selfishly.

They are generous, loving, and kind-hearted and adapt well with the changes. They are resilient and flexible and performs better than other blood types.

Are you aware of your blood type? Do any of these personality traits match with yours?

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