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Do You Know Walking Backwards may Bring Bad Luck to You? Know the Belief around the World

Do You Know Walking Backwards may Bring Bad Luck to You? Know the Belief around the World

Walking backward is already practically dangerous in real life and on top of that, having a superstition about it is no news. Walking backward is considered unlucky, it was observed in the mid-19th century from the Lancashire/Yorkshire area.

Children of that area were constantly warned to not walk backward when going on an errand. They were sure that if they walked backward while going to buy something, they would be unfortunate with the objects.

In Italy and Portugal, walking backward is considered very bad luck. The idea is that when you walk backward, you show the devil, your way, and he will be able to find you and will be the cause of your grief.

Why walking backward is unlucky?

Walking backward in areas such as Italy and Portugal is considered as bad luck because first of all its dangerous and the people there believe that evil exists and can follow you to your something worst maybe death.

When you walk backward, you let the devil see the path to yourself and the evil spirits are ready to walk towards you and capture your soul. Which would make the famous “moonwalk” of the legendary Michael Jackson massively unpopular.

There is another idea that says if you walk back, then you will see a witch at midnight. It is essentially related to all the things you do backward, anything done backward can be a potential reason for you to face a witch at midnight.

A notion also exists that says if you dream of walking backward, then it could mean that you are feeling as if you are losing in your life. It could be connected to your financial life, social life, physical life, or emotional life. Walking backward means that you have some obstacles blocking your way to walk forward; hence, you are walking backward.

People believe that “to walk backward” is bad luck, because this activity itself means going backward and nobody wants to go back but forward, forward in their stable future and forward in their goals. And walking backward symbolizes the lack of possibility of going forward.

Another way of looking at this superstition is that walking backward is unusual and risky. When you walk back, you tend to get dizzy and increase the risk of falling and getting injured in the activity.

Therefore, in the early days when people wanted other people to follow some usual rules such as not walking backward, which was a difficult task to convince several people with proper explanations, hence they used superstitions as a tool to get people to do things.

Why walking backward might be healthy?

On the contrary, in China, people walk backward on purpose in the morning and consider it as a good exercise. When you walk back, you use muscles and movements that you probably rarely use, making it an ideal way to change your exercise routine for graded fitness.

When you walk backward if puts less strain and requires less range of motion from your knee joints, which is useful for people with knee problems or injuries. Backward walking may help relieve lower back pain, improve hamstring flexibility, burn more fat and calories in less time than traditional walking, improve balance, and even sharpen your thinking skills.

Walking backward might be bad luck in places Portugal and Italy, but it is massively prescribed by most of the world to stay healthy. Walking backward is also called as Retro Walking, and people are participating in this healthy exercise.

Backward walking is a little dangerous, but we have dance moves that include walking backward like a moonwalk, people step back many times in a day. If it was bad luck, then a lot of people were suffering in sorrow because of the evil spirits.


Folklores are a part of our cultures and religions, but that doesn’t mean that we stop doing the things that are sometimes necessary. So, be careful and not overly superstitious because it's what you believe and not what you have been told.

Believe in good, good will happen and well bad is just like a guest it will come and go, stay, and leave. So, focus on the good and prepare for the worse, don’t rely on the superstitions.

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