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Jogeshwari 2nd floor: Haunting House of Mumbai where Air Hostess Cries Every Night For Help

Jogeshwari 2nd floor: Haunting House of Mumbai where Air Hostess Cries Every Night For Help

Mumbai is one of the most visited places in the entirety of India. It's also popular for its jam-packed streets, people-watching, window shopping, and bazaars filled with goodies for your shopaholic's heart. But in one of the corners of Mumbai tucked away in silence is a place that has the capacity to plunge you into feelings of terrifying horror.

A hired cab on orders will be able to take you to the pink-storied Jogeshwari buildings which hide in the plane site spine-chilling stories. The Parsi Panchayat Road in Jogeshwari East is your destination if you want to give this spooky place a visit.

The Haunted Story

Jogeshwari building’s 2nd floor houses a story so haunting that it’ll leave you stupefied after you encounter the spooky incident that took place here. This pink-hued Jogeshwari building is now included to be one of the most haunted places in India. The story behind the fate of this building is as follows. The locals believe that the ill-fated Jogeshwari building is haunted by an air hostess’s spirit who can be spotted either on the balcony or terrace stairs crying hauntingly.

She is said to be stuck in this place after her tragic murder and is usually seen with tears pouring down her face as if mourning her life and brutal death. People have also stumbled on her spirit pointing towards her home with an accusatory glance as if mocking the new family or humans occupying her place.

This is a residual haunting which is a type of haunting that stays unique to a place. The residual haunting refers to the haunting where a single or few actions are repeated as though stuck in a loop. These hauntings can usually be seen and experienced at the same spot stuck and suspended in time.

These apparitions don’t possess the intellectual capacity to interact with other human beings. The said apparitions are just chaining reliving the same traumatic incident of the last incident of their lives for eternity. Unless they’re set free with steps of prayers and salvation etc, prevailing in varied religions.

Thus the haunting of Jogeshwari's 2nd floor seems to be a residual haunting indeed as it never disrupts its pattern. The spirit of the said air hostess appears near the balcony and terrace stairs with tears in her eyes pointing towards her home. So even if you try to follow the ghost in its path or obstruct it in some way or another it’ll still continue its journey. Thus the negative energy of the terrible murder of the air hostess is stuck in the Jogeshwari building’s second floor.


An air hostess who rented the place claims that she witnessed the spirit of the woman silently crying on the terrace and emotionally pointing towards the door of the house. That’s the reason why the Jogeshwari building has turned into a sought-after place for paranormal investigators and believers who would love to capture evidence that documents the existence of ghosts and the paranormal world for the skeptics.

Why Haunted?

Places like the Jogeshwari building apart from inducing genuine terror and the urge to scream and run away also incite curious minds to wonder why a place gets haunted or why spirits attach themselves to a certain place for eternity. As reiterated before, sometimes concentrated tragic events cause a place to be haunted by spirits and even go on to become portals to the spirit realm. Some places, however, because of their entanglements with the occult and satan worshipping, become infested by either demons or other outer world spirits who destroy human harmony and happiness.

Sometimes the places might not be haunted but become so after they are attached to various mishappenings, curses, and even the darker sentiments accumulated after various visits. A place like India is occupied by practitioners of dark magic who manage to conjure up, invite or capture spirits to a place to terrorize people or punish them and spread misery. Tragic endings like suicide, murders, and accidental deaths also cause spirits to be stuck in residual hauntings forever.

Wanna Visit?

A contemporary building like the Jogeshwari apartment has been speculated to be haunted because of the brutal murder of the air hostess who can be occasionally spotted on her terrace or balcony stairs.

Thus if this horror story sounds like your thing, or maybe you want to capture evidence regarding a supernatural being or realm then come along with your besties on an impromptu road trip filled with terror. Maybe if you are courageous enough then you can just waltz in with your courage and the ghostly equipment you own and investigate this place and even put it on the internet for other people to be terrified by or enjoy.

The Jogeshwari building is thus the result of a devastating and dire incident that occurred leaving the place with the presence of the restless soul who was plunged to her untimely death. Thus dying an unfortunate death like this could be the cause of the Jogeshwari buildings' second floor being haunted.

So drive up here to investigate this eerie sight of the solitary spirit mourning her untimely death. Maybe you’ll acquire a memory that will forever solidify your faith in ghosts or maybe you’ll be able to guide the ghost along to the afterlife if you possess gifts to contact the other realms.

Parting Note

The haunting of the Jogeshwari building will lie waiting for you to give you a spooky experience whether you choose to march in alone or with your loved ones.“The past never leaves us; there's always atmosphere to consider; you can wound air as cleanly as you can wound flesh. In this way, the Dream House was a haunted house.

You were the sudden, inadvertent occupant of a place where bad things had happened.” This is the claim of writer Carmen Maria Machado which is rather fitting regarding the Jogeshwari building and its 2nd floor.

If you ever decide to visit the ever-alive and thriving city of Mumbai and want a spooky incident that will continue to be the center of debate and horror at every party then add the Jogeshwari building to your itinerary for sure.

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