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Satanism: Know about the Religion that Follows the Doctrine of Devil! Know their Scary Beliefs!

Satanism: Know about the Religion that Follows the Doctrine of Devil! Know their Scary Beliefs!

"I know they are dangerous people. I have had warnings outside the house telling me to stop investigations. We are fearful of our lives.". These were the words of a parent whose child had been the victim of satanic ritual abuse. The Sun-herald recorded the incident in New South Wales 1993.

Now when we hear 'Satan,' we automatically think of the devil. It is a prevailing ideology to believe that Satan is evil. But how much do we really know about Satanism? How did it originate? Is it even real? Let's find out.

About the Religion

Satanists, obviously, are a group of people whose beliefs are based on Satan. Now, Satan is a concept created by Christian mythology. It primarily means 'adversary.' Satanism wasn't properly established before the 20th century. But the Church claimed it existed. Hence persecution of other religious groups and mass killing of 'witches' was prevalent in Europe and America.

Satan is a horned, red demon whose domain was Hell. The actual religious practice of satanism began after the foundation of the Satanic Church in 1966. There are two types of Satanism:

Theistic Satanism: worship Satan as a supernatural deity.

Atheistic Satanism: regard Satan as a symbol of human traits.

How was it found?

It wasn't until the 1960s that a church of Satan was formed by Anton LaVey. A hypnotist and researcher, LaVey, bought a black Victorian house in Richmond, San Francisco. Here he held occult lectures on bizarre topics.

He trained 'witches' in the art of seduction. In 1966, he founded the Church of Satan. He proclaimed that year to be the first in the age of Satan. His 'Order of Trapezoid' became the governing body. Anton LaVey published the Satanic Bible that enlisted the various aspects of his newfound religion.

Earlier it was the Christian Church that promoted Satanism. They persecuted various groups like the Knights Templars and the Cathars. There was a mass paranoia about Satanic followers plotting conspiracies against the world.

Jews thought Satan was an angel who had rebelled against God. He had been cast out heaven with his followers, says the Book of Enoch. Since the 19th century, various groups have emerged who even believe Satan to be a deity.

Unique Beliefs

The pentacle: The inverted pentagram circumscribed by a circle is a symbol used to represent Satanism. It is called the Pentacle.

The two types of Satanism have completely different beliefs. Modern or Atheistic Satanism disregards the presence of a deity, God, or Satan. Satan is the behavior of 'curiosity.' Someone who questions religious practices of mainly Christianity.

LaVey did not believe in the presence of a deity to be worshipped. He said that those facts were just undiscovered by science. 'Magicians' manipulated these unknown forces to their will.

The system of magic consists of greater and lesser magic. Greater magic means to focus all emotional energy for a purpose. Lesser magic means to come to control a situation or someone's mind by force of will.

Theistic Satanism is absolutely rejected by the Church of Satan. They are called 'Devil worshipers. Satan is not an entity in the flesh, according to their High Priest.

Nine Satanic Statements, Eleven Satanic guidelines of the Earth, Nine Satanic sins, and Pentagonal revisionism are the Church's content.

Where is it Practiced now?

Anton LaVey performed the first Satanic marriage of Judith Case and John Raymond in his Church in 1967. He publicly baptized his daughter Zeena in the Church of Satan. He attracted many eminent persons to join his cause.

In the 1980s, due to the emergence of Satanic Panic, the governing body of the Church started to make media appearances. The murders and sexual abuse cases were largely believed to be Satanic practices. After LaVey's death, his partner Blanche Barton became the leader of the Church.

In October 2004, a Satanist was officially registered in the Royal Navy. In June 2006, the Church held its first public mass in 40 years. The last appointed high priest is Peter H. Gilmore. The Church has its headquarters in New York. The Church has discarded all cases that promote inhumane rituals as Satanism.


Modern Satanism turned out to be quite different from what we read in books or see in movies. It is more of a way how humans should live. But despite it, the media has promoted a few cases of murder and child abuse as Satanic activity. A few groups still might worship the Evil as a deity cannot be entirely ruled out.

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