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"Don't Send Your Daughter for Higher Studies. You Won't Find a Groom for Her", Why?

"Don't Send Your Daughter for Higher Studies. You Won't Find a Groom for Her", Why?

"Don't send your daughter for higher studies. You won't find a groom for her", the society proclaims. The patriarchy wants a bride who is inferior to her husband in every respect. Because we still believe in the concept of "Patriarchy". So being superior to the husband in any aspect is considered as a disrespect to him. And in terms of education!!!!! Oh, that's beyond imagination!

A wife is always supposed to earn less and know less than her husband. If the reverse is the case, then how will the society dominate the females? If she knows more than the husband, she will gain the authority to question him, and that's totally unacceptable!!!! That is a heinous crime. So, to avoid such crime, it is always considered best that the wife should be inferior to everyone.

An over-educated woman is always considered as an object to be feared of or better to be avoided. Wow! The pillars of patriarchy are too weak and powerless to face the questions and arguments of and educated lady.

A wife is supposed to be at the feet and care of her husband. She should always see him as his protector and should turn to him when in problems. She should worship him and become his devotee for the lifetime.

Societal Belief

The society orders the men to look down upon their women, to pity them and to protect their honor. So, if a woman is intelligent and educated enough to protect herself and to solve her problems, then the position of the husband in her life will get decreased. And shouldn't be allowed at any expense! A wife should never be given the voice to speak, the authority to question and the power to argue, our society says so.

Also, it is argued that if the wife is more educated than the husband, the chances of divorce is higher. Well, that's not the case always. However, it's quite expected that a highly educated woman will not, at any case, bear the tantrums of patriarchy for too long. And why would she?

Education is totally an individual's choice. It has nothing to do in a conjugal relationship. The husband or the wife, no matter who's more educated, it's all understanding and love that strengthens the bond. A man may have a wife who is far more educated than him and still, they can make a good pair. It's not always the question of power and rule. What matters the most is the feelings of love, consideration, contribution and satisfaction.

A wife is not a slave who should always be inferior to the male counterpart, rather she is his better half. If she's more educated than the husband, it's just because she's a careerist and loves to be a part of the academia. And a husband also is not supposed to show himself superior to his wife. If he's happy and contented with his wife and agrees to overlook every other aspect, it's always fine for him to do so. The patriarchal society should just stop poking its devilish nose into every single thing.

Education is a fundamental right and not a matter of debate. So, let us keep that simple and not bring gender biases in it. Liberal Society is a difficult choice but it is a choice of freedom.

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