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Did God Create Men and Women for Each other's Pleasure? What you Think?

Did God Create Men and Women for Each other's Pleasure? What you Think?

Before going to the depth of this debatable topic, let's first understand what we mean by pleasure? Ask yourself, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of pleasure?

Do you, by any chance, think about true religion? No, right?

We millennials think about happiness and enjoyment while talking about pleasure. Even in sexual terms, we nowhere relate men's and women's pleasure to religion. Then why are people today questioning this natural phenomenon as pleasure?

Male & Female to rule side by side:

Bodies have come to mean some different option from what God proposed them to mean. Bodies, for people, have come to mean something made for human joy, instead of something made for divine delight, for God.

Initially, God made humans as tools to store machines like souls in it and represent himself on our planet. The fall in Genesis 3 presented a focus on the fallen of original perception. Stating the ways these souls acting as machines are more focused on each other rather than God himself

People argue that the soul of the woman is inferior to a man's soul and hence defying God's approach of men and women ruling side by side.

However, no place in the Genesis 3 record of the fall did God cancel his unique reason for both of the epitomized spirits he made. One of the results of the fall was the presentation of progression among people. However, God never reneged on his unique command and reason for humankind.

Or maybe, some different option from that which he made individuals entered the condition. The outcome was hardship between the two spirits and a twisted perspective on their motivation and bodies.

Of all the previous debates that have ever been recorded on true religion or raelism, the woman's soul being inferior is most absurd. Especially, the reason behind this being the Female has the power to attract the male.

The Universal Law:

The universe runs by 3 laws: Creation, Existence, and Destruction. Let's, for a moment, take freedom from religion and not think about true religion and look at the universe.

Any living being born in this world lives for a definite lifetime and then gets destroys or dies. Of the creation, there are always two counterparts-male and Females. Even a nonliving thing like a magnet tells us that opposites attract while like ones repel.

If you look closely, a creation presence of both male and female ports is required. Hence, the relationship between a man and a woman is a requirement or essentiality of the universe to keep going on.

Gods words:

Talking about true religion and Raelism, both are completely opposing ideologies. Yet both agree on the concept of men and women being required for creation. It's a NEED.

Religion states that when a man and woman are in a sexual relationship for the purpose of creation, they are fulfilling their duty. It's the true religion.

Those who are in sexual intercourse, not for creating offspring, are doing it for pleasure and are to be losing their religion. Raelism also believes in the ideology that men and women are to be in contact with the scientific purpose of creation. Raelism is the ideology supporting that Science is the true religion.

Bodies not made for Sex?

In terms of true religion, bodies are not made for pleasure. People who are regarding their bodies as pleasure tools are losing their religion or have the idea of having freedom from religion.

Raelism calls it an essential act to complete the scientific cycle of the universe. Raelism's scientific approach defies the inferiority argument of women. True religion doesn't regard women as inferior counterparts to males. Rather it states that anyone doing that will be subject to losing their religion.

The way that our bodies satisfy sexual capacities doesn't refute the way that our bodies were not made basically for Sex. They came into being to reflect God. It nowhere indicates freedom from religion or losing religion.

People should not be characterized by contrasts in their contraceptive organs but instead by their value as spirits made in the picture of God. Sex, not the slightest bit, influences the imago Dei, in light of the fact that God is neither male nor Female. God abides in both male and Female and prepares them similarly to satisfy his heavenly order: to manage one next to the other.

Purpose of Sex?

God's main role in making bodies was so they may house the spirits that speak to his standard on earth. A standard that was is as yet the obligation of both epitomized spirits, people. A standard, which notwithstanding the fall, never showed signs of change, on the grounds that our bodies were never made solely for Sex.

Each steady society has needed to state that Sex should have some control and contained somehow or another. As it has been perceived that this can do incredible harm in the event that it gets permitted to get communicated with no limitation. Each community has a few restrictions.

Some administrative instruments, a few types of sexual conduct that gets permitted, and others that are taboo. These restrictions change (as social researchers and history specialists show us).

Yet, they generally exist in some structure or another. So in some structures, individuals have said that Sex exists to get communicated here and there yet not in others. There have always protected and sound settings for sexual closeness, and there are risky and tumultuous settings. It is a mix-up to believe that the liberation of Sex in western culture since the 1960s has eliminated the presence of restriction. Assault, for instance, are as yet no-no. What has happened is that the limits of restriction have changed.

In a nutshell

Pleasure is subject to interest. Interest is a matter of choice. It depends on the human to follow the path of true religion and only be fulfilling one's duty. Or getting freedom from religion and following the path to raelism and taking the tag of losing my religion.

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