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Aetherius Society: Know The Secrets Rituals of the Society who Pray Aliens as Gods!

I have heard of a lot of societies in the name of debate clubs or societies, and you have too. But here is a society with a name that might be of a debate club or a school club for toddlers.

Aetherius society is one of the most prominent societies in the 20th century. During the mid-1950s, a taxi driver, Dr George King, founded the Aetherius society. The religion believes in contact with the terrestrial beings which the George king tends to call as Cosmic masters.

The religion is also said to form with contact with the aliens or cosmic masters. The religion also believes to have a solution for the current problems in society and which can help in the achievement of the new age.

It is a syncretic religion, based on Theosophy but also incorporates aspects such as UFO, New Age and Millennium. The religion emphasizes on altruism, power, belief and good faith.

This makes religion very sceptical and tends to be futuristic. Now let us discuss some of the secrets of the Aetherius Society.

Aetherius Society: Origin

Aetherius Society saw its origin in the mid-1950s by the George king who was a master of Yoga and was born in 1913. He said to master Psychic powers which is the belief that he can predict the future and past of a person or someone in contact with the person.

This also connects with the beliefs of the religion which runs on the motto "Service is the Jewel in the rock of Attainment." The religion also believes in the worship of nature and also in physical exercise as some of its beliefs.

This makes Aetherius Society as a unique religion with roots in the mid 20th century. Now let us look at some of the rituals and beliefs of Aetherius Society.

Aetherius Society: Beliefs and Rituals Revealed

Aetherius Society has a lot of beliefs which make the religion very unique and is alien-like. This religion regards Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu as avatars who came down to the earth.

Their purpose, according to the religion, is for the redeeming the sins of the people on the earth. The religion also names these Avatars in the name of the planet. So Jesus and Buddha are from Venus, and Krishna is from Saturn.

This makes the religion a system of the planetary council. They also consider Saturn as the home of the Cosmic Hierarchy or the interplanetary council.

Unlike the 1950s intelligent life on other planets, these beings are spiritual beings on another dimension or plane. The society also maintains a low vibrating rate in their places of worship to connect with the life of the UFO.

This makes this society a little more futuristic than other religions. This society also uses Vimanas. One can refer to the Vedas and the Star of Bethlehem which guided the three kings to the birthplace of Jesus.

King taught a belief in reincarnation based on the "Law of Karma" according to which we progress life by life towards the goal of perfection. The religion also teaches about the transition of a person from a servant to a master.

In the Aetherius Society, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, and dowsing are also accepted as the rituals of the society. This society also follows a Spiritual Energy Battery, which means the use of Spiritual Energy for an indefinite period. This makes religion very connected to spirituality.

Now, let us look at the places where this religion is still followed to a greater extent.

Aetherius Society: Place of Continue Following

Aetherius Society still partakes in many parts of the USA and other parts of Europe and Asia. The religion has large followers in parts of Nigeria, Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom and other parts of Eastern Europe.

The religion also brings about a large amount of crowd in its gathering, which makes this society one of the most influential in the World.


Aetherius Society teaches us a lot of things. One of the major things in the future that this religion puts forward, which is hopeful and filled with spirituality. This makes religion unique.

This society also teaches us to be continuous believers of god and to Stay Safe and curious.

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