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Scientific Beliefs of Raëlism: Join the Religion by Just Uploading your gene to a space computer!

Scientific Beliefs of Raëlism: Join the Religion by Just Uploading your gene to a space computer!

Raëlism, also called raëlianism, is a religion that was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhan. He was a sport's car journalist and test driver. In the mid-70s, Vorilhan wrote two books claiming aliens. According to Vorilhan, aliens once kidnapped him. It may seem exaggerated, but Vorilhan claims that the aliens explained to him the working of the universe.

These aliens are called the Elohim, and we're the true creators of the human race. It is said that they have advanced cloning technologies and created us using them.

As per the claims of Claude Vorilhan, aliens enlightened Jesus, Buddha, and many other spiritual leaders as their messenger. Difficult to digest, but he also claims that he had dinner with them. He also says that he is the last messenger from Elohim. Claude Vorilhan changed his name to Raël, and so he founded Raëlism.

What do Raëlians believe in?

The Raëlians describe their belief system as a "Scientific religion." In a nutshell, the Raëlians are the followers of Raëlism, and they believe that Aliens are the Elohim (whom we are calling God), and they created us. The aim is to maintain and encourage a more peaceful human society.

The Raëlians hold on to some strange beliefs. If you want to join the Raëlian community, all you need to do is to lose your religion. Unlike true religions, the baptism of Raëlians is quite different. The process of Raëlian baptism starts by uploading your gene to a space computer. This will allow you to be immortal but digitally.

Raëlians believe that humanity can create life in other places of the universe. But this is only possible when humans stay peacefully with no wars. From the Raëlian opinions, religious texts indicate that the Elohim would return at the age of Apocalypse or Revelation. At the same time, Raëlians do not believe in reincarnation.

Raëlians do have their calendar, and the baptism ceremony is performed on one of the four major holy days in this calendar. The first one is the bombing of Hiroshima, and the second marks the encounter with the Elohim; the third holy day is when he had dinner with Jesus, the Buddha, and other religious figures. The fourth holy day is celebrated when the aliens cloned up the first organism like Adam and Eve. The Raëlian baptism is known as the transmission of the cellular plan. The cellular plan here means the genetic makeup of an individual.

Raëlians also believe in free love. Raëlian doctrine gives a high place for sex and sexuality. They also encourage equality for the LGBT community and free sexual liberation like practising sensual meditation. This proves that the Raëlians are of the liberal mindset. Raëlians distribute condoms too, sometimes even to catholic school students. In Raëlians belief, sexual pleasure is a gift from the aliens. Their belief argues for freedom, which includes personal and sexual. It also argues for love, science, and technological advancements.

The followers of Raëlism have shown a positive attitude towards feminism and anti-war views. Unlike other so-called 'true religions,' Raëlians promote science and are more fond of cloning. They believe that cloning holds the key to immortality. Raëlians, in 2002, claimed that they had cloned a little girl named Eve, but no testimony is provided. Currently, Raëlians are working for a big embassy. It will include an open place for spacecraft landing. It might also be provided with all modern facilities.

It should not surprise you that nearly one Lakh people are its members. They believe that there is no God rather Elohim. Raëlism is also called UFO religion. They are strict believers of science.


The symbol of the Raelians has David's star along with a swastika in the middle. According to Raël, the swastika is a symbol of peace. Claude Vorilhan claims that he saw this symbol on the hull of Elohim's spaceship. This symbol is regarded as the symbol of infinity. The swastika was planned to be replaced by a swirling shape. It was decided because Elohim ordered.

Can Raelism be the true religion?

The two most important things in religion are rules and rituals. True religion is neither based on rituals nor rules. So can Raëlism be called a true religion? In a sense, we can say that Raëlism is a true religion since it is not based on heavy rules and rituals.

Rather, it focuses more on science. Raëlism is based on liberalization, including equal rights, dignity, and peace, which are the keys to true religion. A true religion includes the way we live. There is continuing debate on whether Raëlians can be identified as a cult.

Why freedom from religion?

Religions are like a guide that shows the right path for humanity. It is a particular system of faith and worship. The ultimate goal of every religion is to maintain harmony and live peacefully. But when religion teaches us to be toxic and focuses more on rituals rather than our humanity, it is better to lose your religion. When we get freedom from religion, our thoughts will be more liberal, and our minds can change with the changing era. It helps us think wide.

These days countries and their citizens fight over religion. If this is the outcome of religion, then no doubt freedom from religion is a call for the hour. Religions are made for peace but seeing today's situation, there is nothing wrong to say that losing your religion and being humane brings more peace.

The only path we need to follow is the path of humanity, no matter which religion you belong to. It should be noted that freedom from religion doesn't mean freedom from our morals. It just means to get free of stereotypical thoughts.

The ideas and beliefs of Raëlians might not be compelling to many, but some of their beliefs need to be given a second thought. Today's world is the world of science and advancements, and Raëlism reflects modernization as well as liberalization in its beliefs.

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