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7 Year old Serial Killer - Amarjeet Sada

7 Year old Serial Killer - Amarjeet Sada

In the history of crime, a particularly haunting tale emerged from the shadows, raising eyebrows and questions: the case of the seven-year-old serial killer. This shocking narrative defies our understanding of innocence and challenges the conventional notions of criminal behavior.


The seven-year-old serial killer we are referring to is Amarjeet Sada, who was born in 1998 in India. He is believed to have killed three people, including his cousin and sister, when he was between seven and eight years old. 

He was arrested in 2007 and sent to a juvenile home, but his current whereabouts are unknown. He is considered to be the youngest serial killer in the world.

The Early Signs

Amarjeet Sada, the seven-year-old serial killer, grew up in the little village of Mushahar, Bihar, India. Born to parents facing tough times, Amarjeet brought happiness, but soon, the family had a baby girl to care for, adding to their struggles.

Amarjeet's parents hoped he'd lead a positive life as the eldest son, bringing love and joy. Despite the financial strain, Amarjeet seemed like any other kid—lonely sometimes but enjoying simple things like climbing trees.

But as we dig deeper, this pint-sized criminal mind reveals a chilling pattern of behavior that breaks the norms of childhood. It wasn't the typical mischief one might associate with kids; it was something far more sinister. The signs were subtle at first – missing toys, sudden scratches on classmates, and a weird calmness that set this child apart from their peers.

Gradually Turning into a Tiny Monster!

Amarjeet used to ask his mother, Parul, “Mujhe Naya Khilona Chahiye.” She used to hug him and console him, telling their rough financial condition. But Amarjeet used to react badly, pushing her away.

As he was the only son, Parul always cared a lot for him, she even tied an amulet (Taweez) around his upper arm, to protect him from evil. She brought that from the nearby Hanuman Temple. But back then, little did she know that people would seek amulets to protect themselves from this tiny child! 

The child seemed to possess an uncanny ability to manipulate those around them, creating a facade of innocence that concealed a dark reality. Neighbors, teachers, and even family members were blind to the malevolence hiding behind those innocent eyes.

Isolation From Company

Amarjeet gradually stopped playing with his friends Raju and Shankar. If they tried to insist on him playing, Amarjeet used to scare them away by shouting. Thus, he deliberately isolated himself from all his neighbors and classmates.

His parents also noticed unusual changes in him. He used to be seated and stare at nothing for hours. Eventually, he hardly spoke words and always preferred being alone.

The First Murder

Amarjeet's aunt came to visit, leaving her baby with his family while she found a job in the city. By that time, one day, when Amarjeet's mom went to the market, he was in charge of his cousin and younger sister.

Shockingly, as per Crime Wire, he began pinching and slapping the baby, finding it funny when the baby cried. Things took a dark turn when he put his hands around the baby's throat, making it hard to breathe.

After the terrible act, he buried the baby under the grass. Later, he confessed this to his mother. While his dad punished him, they didn't involve the police, making up a story for the aunt.

Amarjeet’s Next Victims

Amarjeet's spree didn't stop with his initial crimes. His next victim was that closest to him – his eight-month-old sister, whom he strangled to death while his parents slept. Shockingly, some family members were aware of these horrifying acts, but they dismissed them as "family matters."

Disturbingly, these incidents remained hidden until 2007, when Amarjeet claimed another innocent life, a six-month-old baby girl named Kushboo. The baby's mother, a neighbor, recounted leaving her daughter at a primary school only to return and find her missing.

It was only hours later that Amarjeet confessed to strangling and hitting the baby with a brick. Then, he led the villagers to the spot where he had buried the tiny victim.

Fate of The Young Monster

The police took Amarjeet away for the murders of his sister just three months earlier and his cousin a year before that. Inspector Shatrudhan Kumar revealed that both killings were almost similar.

In custody, Amarjeet wore a constant smile but remained silent.

However, under Indian law, children cannot be sent to prison. Instead, they can be kept in a children's home until they reach 18 years old. This leads to his placement in a home in the town of Munger. The community struggled with the unsettling truth that a child could be capable of such brutal acts, highlighting the complexities of juvenile crime within the legal system.

The Motive

One of the most confusing aspects of this case is the lack of an apparent motive. Traditional criminal psychology struggles to make sense of the actions of a child who should, by all accounts, be blissfully ignorant of such dark impulses. 

Reports from The Times of India suggested that a psychologist labeled the boy a "sadist" who found pleasure in causing harm. 

Ethical Quandaries

The case shook up how we see right and wrong for kids. Parents not noticing their child's crimes and hiding them as mere "family matters" posed a huge ethical issue.

Courts faced a tough truth: a little one could do bad things beyond what we get. The seven-year-old's age became tricky – a shield and a weapon. This made folks wonder about who should answer for these acts and if fixing things is even possible in a justice system not ready for such a strange case.

The Community's Response

As news of the seven-year-old serial killer spread, the community grappled with shock, fear, and a profound sense of betrayal. Parents questioned their ability to protect their children, and trust eroded within the neighborhood. 

The once-idyllic streets of an Indian village then carried the weight of an unspeakable darkness that shattered the illusion of safety.

Psychological Profiling

Psychologists and forensic experts scrambled to develop a profile of the young offender, relying on a combination of traditional methods and innovative approaches. Psychiatric tests revealed that Amarjeet was dealing with "conduct disorders.”

The seven-year-old's psychological makeup posed a challenge to existing theories, prompting a reexamination of how early experiences and environmental factors could shape the psyche of a child capable of such atrocities.

Rehabilitation or Retribution?

The question of rehabilitation versus retribution echoed large as the justice system grappled with the seven-year-old serial killer. Can a child, molded by circumstances beyond their control, be reformed? 

Or does society demand a more punitive approach to protect itself from potential future harm? The ethical conundrum underscored the need for a disturbed understanding of juvenile criminality.

Lessons Learned

Amarjeet’s case made us reanalyze what we believe about being innocent and made us realize how crucial it is to step in early if kids have behavior problems.

  • If your child is not hanging out with friends, pay attention!

  • If they want to be alone when they should be playing, have a chat!

  • If they keep forgetting things, keep a close eye on them!

Remember, the growing-up years are super important. Besides giving them what they ask for, ensuring they are healthy in body and mind is a parent's first and foremost duty!

Amarjeet Sada in the Present Day

Amarjeet Sada, now approximately 25 years old in 2023, was released at 16, and his current whereabouts remain a mystery. 

Living under a new identity, details about his present life elude public knowledge, leaving a lingering question mark about the path he has chosen since his unsettling past.


After these shocking events, we think that innocence can be fragile and even unlikely people can do harmful things. 

This strange story makes us rethink what we know about crime and punishment. It tells us to question our ideas, focus on stopping problems as soon as possible, and help people get better.

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