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6 Most Gruesome Unsolved Murder Mysteries That Even Most Intelligent Mind Failed To Solve

6 Most Gruesome Unsolved Murder Mysteries That Even Most Intelligent Mind Failed To Solve

It is heart-wrenching to know that a human had killed another human. Something that is more horrific is them getting away with the murder. Yet, for decades we have been fascinated by a good murder mystery. Here is the list of the top 6 unsolved murder mysteries of all time.

Jack the Ripper

There is no doubt that Jack The Ripper is one of the most high-profile serial killers of all time. This murder mystery develops back in the late 1880s when Eastern London was overflowing with unemployed people. During that time, everyone from all over the world migrated to London searching for employment, but as migration continued, unemployment and poverty increased.

In search of livelihood and a way to fill up their stomachs, people started looting, raping, and pocket-picking on the streets. Meanwhile, women pushed themselves into prostitution. Alcoholics, drug dealers, and looters filled most of the streets of Eastern London.

Women worked as sex workers at the corner of every street. The residents of London blamed the migrated people for the degrading conditions of London.

Initial murders

It was when the mysterious murders started, the first taking place in the year 1880. The victims were all women. Neat cuts were made to remove their internal organs. The common connection between them was their profession, and they worked as sex workers. There were 5 women in total.

Impact on Locals

The murders remained a horrifying story for the people for the years following the incidents. Back then, the mysterious man made his place in the headlines of every newspaper. Throughout the years, the police interviewed more than 1000 people, and around 80 were suspects. Butchers, surgeons, and physicians were the police's first target. This was because these people were familiar with the usage of knives on skin.

Every day, the police received letters from the mysterious killer. In one of his famous letters, he wrote that he is sending half of the part of a woman's kidney to the police and the other half he ate, which was tasty to him.

Present-day situation

People till date, make theories about the mysterious. Aaron Kominski, a polish barber who moved to the white chapel during the time of the murder. He was the strongest suspect of all time. But once again, the lack of evidence made its way back to the case thus leading the murder mystery to be only speculated upon.

The Zodiac Killer

On December 20 1968, the famous American serial killer, 'The Zodiac Killer' committed his first out of 5 cases. He claimed to have killed 37 people. The police could only link him to 5 cases.

First Victims

Betty Lou Jenser and David Faraday were making out in their car at the lover's lane when the zodiac killer approached them. Both of them were asked to get out of the vehicle while being held at gunpoint. They got shot down upon trying to run away. The guy had a bullet while the girl had 5 shots in her body.

First Cryptogram Code

A person who claimed to be the Zodiac killer sent letters to 3 different newspapers. The letter contained a Cipher code, which seemed to be related to hunting down humans for sport.

The code had blown away the minds of many professional people over the course of time. The San Francisco Chronicle and 2 other newspapers published the first Cryptogram and asked the public to crack the code.

Deciphered code

A couple cracked the code, which was quite shocking for the experts. It was the theory that these two were the zodiac killers, but there was no evidence to suspect them. The first letter says, "I like killing people because it's so much fun.

It's more fun than killing the wilds in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal evolved. To kill someone gives me the most thrilling experience. It's even better than getting your rocks off with a girl". It was clear that, despite being a man with brains, the zodiac killer also had some mental illness.

The last letter was posted in 1974, after which the zodiac killer disappeared. The letter had a postmark saying, "If I don't see this letter in your newspaper I'll do something nasty, which I'm capable of." He ended the letter with the words, "ME:37.SFPD:O".

The second murder of the series

22 year old Darlene Elizabeth and 19-year-old Mike Renault were sitting in their car, parked at the Blue Rock Springs Park, California. Darlene received 5 shots, and Mike had 4 shots. Darlene died, whereas the boy survived because he could tell the police about the man's description.

The zodiac killer was a man in his late 20s and early 30s. He had brown hair and a round face. The Zodiac killer called the police from gumption which was just a few blocks away from the station. He stated that he was the one who committed this crime, and he also killed the kids at the lover's lane.

The double murder by the lake

After a month, he hunted his next two victims, two students at Pacific Union College, named Bryan Hartnell and Gecelia Sherpard. They were on a picnic at Bucolic spot beside Lake Berryessa, California. Then, they saw the most horrific scenario of their life, an armed man approached them, wearing a mask and gloves. He wore something that looked like a child's bib, which had his now-famous crossed circle symbol. They were unable to see his eyes as he was wearing sunglasses.

He persuaded them that they don't need to worry as he was just a convict who was running from the police. He asked the guy to tie the girl with a rope.

Then something happened that would happen in scenarios like this, and the Zodiac killer tied the guy alongside the girl. He then stabbed them like a crazy maniac. The girl had 10 stabs, and the guy had 6. The zodiac killer walked up to their car and drew his symbol on the car's door, and wrote by knife :

  • Vellejo

  • 12-20-68

  • 7-4-69

  • Sept 27-69-6:30


Later that day, the zodiac killer confessed that he was behind the double murder by the lake. He made the phone call from a car wash that was right beside the station. They knew that the killer was playing with them. They managed to get some fingerprints from the place. The girl from the incident died, and the guy survived. He told the police everything that he knew about the killer.

The last murder

The next victim was Paul Stine, who was a taxi driver. He received bullet shots in his head. The San Francisco Chronicle received a letter a few days later, which contained a blood-stained piece of Paul's shirt.

The newspaper also received a note that said that if the police were working properly, they would've caught me. He continues, "School children make nice targets, I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning. Just shoot out the front tire and pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out"

The no-talk Talkshow

The Oakland Police department received a call from a man who claimed to be a zodiac killer. He demanded either one of F. Lee Bailey or Melvin Belli go to the popular talk show hosted by Jim Dunbar, and request him to call.

The person called the police, he said, "I need help, I'm sick. I don't want to go to the gas chamber". He even promised that he would meet Belli later, but he never did. Then, the department received another letter from the killer, which had another cryptogram (cipher 340). The code frustrated the minds of many experts all around the world. Years went by, and the code remained unbreakable.

After 51 years

In 2006 a team of experts decided to review the code. They knew that it did mean something, and it wasn't just gibberish. It took them almost 20 years and around 51 years after the crimes to finally crack the code on this murder mystery.

The letter says: "I hope you are having lots of fun trying to catch me – that wasn't me on the TV show – which brings up a point about me – I am not afraid of the gas chamber. Because it will send me to paradise all the sooner. Because I now have enough slaves to work for me, where everyone else has nothing when they reach paradise – So they are afraid of death. I am not afraid because I know that my new life is life will be an easy one in paradise death".

Atlas Vampire

Atlas is a small place in Sweden. In one of the apartment complexes lived Lily Lindstrom, who was 32 at that time. She worked as a sex worker.

When Lily's friend didn't see her for quite a time, she informed the police. They made a welfare check and found something that blew away their minds.

Crime scene

Lily was lying on her bed, naked, facing down. The apartment was impeccable and tidy. Her clothes were placed next to her bed. She had multiple blows on her head, which was the cause of her death. Used condoms were found on the crime scene.

Surprisingly, Lily had no blood in her body. A blood-stained ladle was found in the apartment. Theories developed that the killer was a vampire who sipped Lily's blood with the ladle. No one knew who Lily's last client was or when did he go in and left.

Present-day Situation

The Swedish Police museum had all the evidence on display, if anyone wanted to revisit this unsolved murder mystery. Around 21 people were interested. To date, no evidence is found and yet another mystery remains a mystery.

The Frankfurt Slasher

This murder mystery takes place back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, in Frankfurt, Philadelphia. For five successive years, i.e., 1985 - 1990, 8 women were killed and sexually assaulted by a mysterious man.

Initial Victims

The first victim was Helen Patton, who was 55 years old at that time. Her body was found in bucks county, Pennsylvania, on August 19, 1985. It was found that she had been dead for almost over a week.

She was completely naked down her waistline, and her shirt was pulled almost over her chest. The signs of sexual assault were obvious. The police informed that she was stabbed 47 times and got raped prior to this. The case went cold for the next five months as no strong evidence was found.

After 5 months, on January 3, 1986, another victim was found. She was killed in a similar way to Helen. Anna Carrole was the woman's name who was 68. Her body was found in her own house. She was also naked down her waist, with a knife still stuck in her torso.

Only after a week, on December 25, 1986, the killer hunted down his next victim. Susan Olsef's (64) body was found in her house. The only connection spotted between all the three victims was that all of them were regulars at Golden bar.

Another week later to Susan's death, the lifeless body of Gene Durkin (23). Her body was found close to the Golden Bar under a lorry with an overcoat covering her body. She worked as a stripper and was homeless. She was stabbed 74 times and raped later.

On November 11, 1988, Margaret Vaughn (66)was found dead in her apartment at Penn street. The whole community was set on a high alert. The next victim was 30 years old Teressa Skirtini; her lifeless body was spotted in her home, completely butchered. Both Ski and Vaughn were seen with a middle-aged white man before they got killed, as stated by the eyewitnesses.

Carol's Horrific death

46 year Carol Down was the seventh victim. She was stabbed more than 12 times. She had some mental issues. Her left nipple was brutally removed. She was found dead, lying in the cold, behind Newman Seafood.


Leonard Christopher was an employee at the same store. The witnesses saw him with a knife on his belt at the crime scene. No evidence was found, yet he was instantly arrested and given a life sentence. His appearance didn't even match with the prior suspect, a white man, whereas Leonard was a black man.

Last victim

The last victim of the serial killer was Michelle Denner, who was found dead on September 6, 1990. She was stabbed around 23 times in her chest and stomach. She was a coworker with a prior victim, Gene Durkin. According to the witnesses, Michelle was arguing with Gene before her death. The police questioned Michelle earlier.

Ricky McCormick

In Saint Charles county's rural cornfields, Ricky McCormick's body was found, which was severely decomposed. He was aged 41. The place is 20 minutes downtown from St. Louis. According to family and friends, Ricky went missing for 3 days. At first, it was hard to identify him due to his distorted body. He had blue jeans and a white shirt on.

The cause of his death could not be made clear as there were no stab or bullet wounds. Even if there were any, it would be challenging to spot them as his body was severely decomposed.

Ricky's life

Ricky dropped out of high school. He lived around the Illinois Missouri area. Ricky and his mother shared a very strained relationship.

Ricky was not married but had 4 children. The first 2 of them were with a 11 year old girl, for which he went to prison for 3 years due to the rape charges. He was related to some drug activity.


12 years later, the case caught the public's attention. His jeans' pockets had two pieces of paper that had random numbers and letters scribbled on them. The meaning behind the scribbles is yet unknown, as is the real story behind this murder mystery.

Jerry Mike Bayles

On October 3, 1970, Jerry Mike Bayles, who was 11 at that time. He took his elder brother, Buddy's paper router. His brother was sick, so he went out to distribute the papers from 5:00 to 5:30.

He had delivered the papers at two houses when the neighbors heard a scream. After searching for almost 4 hours, the police found his body 50 miles away from the neighborhood.

Crime scene

He was completely naked with his socks on, and there were no signs of molestation or sexual assault. He died due to multiple stabs in his body. Police confirmed that he might have died 1 hour after delivering the last paper.


For the next four years, the case went cold. In 2015, Mike's classmate Willam decided to find the actual killer. He collected paper clippings and started tracking the timeline of the investigation.

He set up a website related to the investigation, where he put the locations and the necessary clippings hoping that one day someone will give him information about his friend's killer. Only a witness was a man who lived down the street who stated that he saw the killer taking the boy with him.

Further unproven Claims

After a few days, a woman made a phone call to Willam, claiming that she was the witness's daughter, who was dead by then. She said that his father was an abusive man and had temper issues. The whole family feared him. The boy accidentally hit her father, which made him spill his coffee.

Her father dragged the boy and stabbed him. She told William that she was only 7 at that time, so even if she informed the police, no one would've believed her. Until this day, the police are still working on this murder mystery as there are no substantial clues.

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