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Chandrakant Jha: Killer who Love Punishing People and Challenging Cops in his Unique Style

Chandrakant Jha: 4Killer who Love Punishing People and Challenging Cops in his Unique Style

Chandrakant Jha was born and brought up in Maghderapura, a district in the Indian state of Bihar. He moved to New Delhi when he was nineteen years old in the year 1986. Jha started working in a sabzi mandi (a vegetable market) in Delhi, India.

But later began to work as a hawker in markets and bazaars in Delhi. He often had cops on his back coming after him for theft and bribery but committed his first crime at the age of 46. Jha was married twice and had five children with his second wife. However, he did not live with them in the house in Alipur, Delhi. Instead, he moved around and preferred to live away from them, and so he settled in Haiderpur.

Being a migrant from Bihar himself, Jha often helped out other young men who had migrated from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in search of better jobs. This is the usual story of many small-town men in India – they come looking for better employment in the cities. Still, many remain in poverty-stricken conditions without much luck finding work. Jha used to find such men in West Delhi who migrated from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and take them into his house in Haiderpur. He treated these young men as his own family and helped them get small jobs. However, he also used several of these young men to take out his angst against the police, whom he thought harassed him.

Jha believed that the police had committed several atrocities against him coming after him, and to fight the same, he chose to handle it by the extremes and murdered seven of the men who he had taken in, giving different petty reasons for each of them.


His method of killing was to tie a set of nunchakus (nun-chucks) around his victims’ necks and strangle them until they stopped breathing. Of some unlucky fellows, he chopped the heads or other parts of the body off and left them in different places around the city. His first murder was in the year 1998 when he killed Mangal in Adarsh Nagar. He was convicted for this murder, too, but was acquitted in the year 2002 due to lack of sufficient evidence. The second time he strangled one of his boys in 2003, Shekhar to death, because Jha did not like his habits of drinking and habitual lying. One of the youngsters, Umesh, had lied to Jha and betrayed him, as he believed, and so he was strangled.

Most gruesomely, Jha left the headless body of Umesh outside Tihar Jail in West Delhi for the authorities to discover, but not be able to identify for the missing head. This, however, was not the first time he did the same. Two years later, a young man named Guddu happened to like living life as king-sized, and this offended Jha, along with the fact that Guddu smoked marijuana. Guddu’s body was also cut up and left in front of the Tihar Jail. Jha’s fifth victim, Amit was showed up in 2006.

Amit was something of a womanizer, and for this, he ended up in front of the gate of Tihar Jail, too, as did Upender in the year 2007 as a punishment for having sexual relations with the daughter of one of his friends. His last victim was Dalip, somebody whose eating of non-vegetarian food irked and angered Jha.

So he put the nun-chucks around his neck and put him to sleep forever. Different body parts such as arms, legs, and genitals of a few of Jha’s victims were found in Pitampura and areas of East Delhi. Two bodies outside the jail were found with notes attached, which told them that there was more coming on his part. By dumping these bodies and its cut-up parts at the prison, it was as he was playing a sick game of Catch Me If You Can, with the police, except that it was at the cost of the seven human lives that he took to get his point across to the police.

Arrest and Death Sentence:

However, after the police finally caught him, out of the 6 murders he committed after being released from prison the first time, he was acquitted for three. Jha was given death penalties for two of his murders and a life sentence for one. During his confession, Jha told the police that he had mastered the art of chopping up and mutilating bodies and that he could do the same perfectly with minimal bleeding. He even confessed that he used to have his dinner sitting in the same room as his dead victims.

This was how sick Jha was in the head, and even the judge sentencing him saw this. She showed absolutely no leniency in his case, saying that he couldn’t be reformed and for this must be given the death penalty. At the end of the day, Jha was given what he deserved – the death sentence for the atrocious crimes that he committed.

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