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6 Things You Need To Think Before You Start Texting Your Ex-Love!

6 Things You Need To Think Before You Start Texting Your Ex-Love!

Breaking up with your partner is undoubtedly hard. And harder is to go back to them. Many people want to text their ex due to several reasons. But you must think about what separated you? Is it right to text them? Is there any valid reason for it? Or is it your impulsive making you do so?

You don’t want to make the same mistakes again. Before texting your ex, find out why you want to do so. Any stupid step will end up messing your own life.

Here are some things you need to think about before you start texting your ex-lover, so questions you need to answer yourself. Let’s get started.

Am I texting my ex just to clarify some unanswered questions?

It is usual for a person to have some questions post-breakup. Breakups are painful to cope with and can disturb your mental stability. Things go up and down, and your world turns around.

So, after a breakup, you always feel a need to know everything that messed it up. You want to know what went wrong and how. It becomes challenging to make sense of anything.

You will want to go to your ex and find all your answers. But one must realize that your ex might not reply to you. Self-examining can help. You can surely find something within yourself.

Breakups are difficult and can even make you regret it. You cry and cry and cry. You want everything to go back normal. At such time you may want to text your ex so bad as you trust them. They were one of the best people in your life.

But this is not right. You wouldn’t want to repeat the mistake. Think about why you broke up in the first place. Is it right for you? Will it affect your life more? Can you cope more, hurting?

Am I texting my ex because I feel lonely?

Loneliness can make you so desperate to talk to your ex. Even if you don’t want to talk, you might start a conversation just because you are alone. But loneliness doesn’t necessarily mean you should go back to your ex.

Start indulging yourself in different activities. Don’t think about your ex. They have already shown you their true colors. Enjoy the things you couldn’t do when your ex was around. Start defining your life!

If you still feel alone, talk to your family and friends. Talking to your ex is not going to help you.  Keep yourself engaged in various activities and develop yourself.

Am I texting my ex because I feel heartbroken?

It is not easy to cope with a break up easily. You will keep feeling to get back together. You are desperate to talk to your ex. If no one loves you doesn’t mean you go back to your ex. Remember why you ended your relationship.

If your current relationship is not working, it is not that good idea to go back to your ex. It will not only mess your life but also of your partner's. You need to self-analyze before you take any step forward. It’s better not to repeat the same mistakes all over again.

Am I texting my ex because I miss our old times?

A lot of people think about going back on the old days. They think texting their ex will bring back everything. Well, before thinking about this, think why are you not together right now? What if, after getting together, you end up worse than before? Is it worth it?

People feel the need to go back in time when their current time is rough. But if you look back in time, there are bad time also. Instead, you should focus on how to can make the present better. Think about what you can do to make the best out of you.

Am I texting my ex because I feel sensual?

Is this the reason? If yes, then it is a bad idea. Do you just want to go back to your ex because you miss the intimacy? You want to fulfill your desire but think about all the mental stress they gave you when you broke up.

Texting your ex just because you want physical or mental intimacy is not what you want right now. You have needs as you are a human. There can be other ways you can handle the breakup.

Am I texting my ex because my current partner hurts me?

When relationships don’t work out, people tend to go back to their exes. They also do this to make their partner jealous or feel inferior.

If you and your partner have any trouble, sleeping with your ex with not help. Instead, it will make it difficult for all three of you. You should try talking to your partner and see how you can sort things up.

Don't go to your ex when other people hurt you. Remember, he is also one of them. Handle your pain.

These are some questions you should answer yourself before thinking about texting your ex-lover. You can find no reason to go back to your ex. But here you play the role. Handle your pain and control your emotions. Do you want to go through all of it all over again? Or can you forget your ex and start living for yourself? The decision is yours.

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