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6 Subtle Signs of Relationship Falling Apart! Know The Sign that your Relationship is Not Working!

6 Subtle Signs of Relationship Falling Apart! Know The Sign that your Relationship is Not Working!

Sharing your life with someone you love a lot is fascinating. Most people enter a relationship with the thoughts and many expectations that they are going to live the best experience. People always keep saying that they would do anything for their loved ones, and they do it.

People are Crazy! But what is love without craze, right? But in some relationships, things do not always go well. People who would do anything for their partner are the ones who give up on them in rough times.

Are you facing challenges in your relationship? Can you survive out of this? Or are you someone who has no courage to deserve a happy life? If yes, then you are in the right place. The following article has come up with some significant reasons why your relationship isn’t going to last longer.


Many couples face this problem. They always want their partners to be 100% perfect in everything. You can expect a person to be that ideal. This expectation mostly happens because of the Tv shows and movies coming up with people playing super flawless characters.

Most of the couples want their partners just to be like that fictional one, which is not possible. No one is perfect. Also, remember that not being perfect isn't bad. Your partner not being perfect gives them a chance to be better every day.


Another big reason for relationships doesn’t last long is partners don’t trust each other and feel resentful.  Jealousy is nothing but the negative energy in a relationship. It can cause fights between partners or even violence.

Jealous partners may feel the fear of rejection and continuously think about ending up alone. You start giving up on each other. Instead, you both should talk about each other's feelings. For a better relationship, you need to overcome jealousy and feel proud of each other.

Often Fights

You both have your emotions turning rough and complicated. You start removing all your frustrations on your partner. You start fights without any valid reason. Even one of you doing so will affect both of your lives. Try sitting with your partner and resolving your problems.

Fights happen due to different opinions. Partners not supporting each other's choices and ideas might get mad at each other and end up kicking off an argument. Taking out all your aggression on your partner even if they have nothing to do with it is not something that builds a relationship!


You try to spend time away from each other. Now you no longer enjoy long, endless talks or a cute coffee date. You keep growing the gap every passing day. You can’t give each other any physical space or mental support.

You are not available to each other. Or maybe you are not trying to take time for each other. For any situation to come in, you have an excuse ready. The distance is not what a healthy relationship needs. Start spending time together as you did before. Try to grow your relationship.

Drop-in Intimacy

One or both of you start staying from each other. You don’t enjoy the romance now. You both don’t hold hands like before. Random hugs and kisses were just a past and are gone. Instead, you try to maintain a distance.

Issues in your sexual attractiveness can be a problem here. You keep each other away from any kind of physical intimacy. You also experience a drop in your sex life. The desire for each other has just disappeared.


Now this one is something most of the people face in a relationship. For example, there are times when one partner is ready to give up everything for the other while the other partner doesn’t even feel any need to change their bad habits.

A healthy relationship requires both support and sacrifice from both the partners. You both should contribute equally to your relationship.

We mentioned above some of the signs that say your relationship is falling apart. Now it is all up to you. Do you want to improve and save your relationship or sit back there and watch it fall apart? Do you want to do all that you did before for your partner and maintain it or just let it go as if you don’t care? The choice is yours!

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