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9 Different Types of Hugs and What They Reveal About Your Relationship. Decode Them Now!

9 Different Types of Hugs and What They Reveal About Your Relationship. Decode Them Now!

People these days tend to underestimate the power of hugs. Hugging each other brings us closer, symbolizes intimacy, and a bond of mutual trust. Embracing a close friend or a family member during stressful situations (of course, with their consent) can help bring comfort and warmth. They are a symbol of love, trust, and empathy.

Hugging someone at the right moment can help two individuals build up faith in each other, and create a sense of closeness towards one another. It also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. The power of hugs is so much that if used in the right situation and moment, they can do wonders.

There are different types of hugs that symbolize mixed emotions. The way you hug your friend is different from the way you hug your mother.

In this article, I will talk about nine different kinds of hugs and what each reveals about your relationship. The way you hug someone means different things and expresses a different emotion each time. Therefore, here are nine different types of hugs and the meaning they convey.

The Side Hug

The side hug is usually friendly. The embrace generally takes place between two friends. The hug expresses the feeling ‘I’m there for you. This hug is a great way of cheering up your friend or showing comfort when they are feeling low. Giving a side hug to your friend means you are there for them when they need you.

The Long-Lasting Hug

If the person you adore and care about hugs you and it lasts for more than 30 seconds, it means that he is expressing his unspoken and irrevocable love and support for you. It is not only a hug common between lovers mostly, but also any two people who share mutual respect and empathy in general. Anyone who gives you long hugs will be there by your side regardless of any situation.

The Bear Hug

If you are receiving or giving this kind of hug to your friend or lover, it means that they or you are ensuring protection. A hug where the other person wraps you entirely in their arms conveys the meaning that they care about you a lot, and they want to protect you.

Hugs like these feel great if the other person is slightly bigger or taller. Lovers generally hug each other in this way to show love and protection. 

The Reverse Hug

People generally hug their girlfriends in this way, and this happens during unexpected moments. When a girl is busy doing something, their boyfriend might hug them from behind to show affection and build up a sense of protection.

Giving a reverse hug indicates the loving and caring nature of a person. He is totally in love with his woman and makes her feel warm and wanted. If your boyfriend hugs you in this manner, he is very much into you and is not afraid to show it. 

The Firm Hug

If your man is hugging you face to face and his hold is firm, it means that he loves you and cherishes your presence in his life. He wants to have a long-term relationship with you, and this hug is an expression of craving for that intimacy.

By hugging you in this way, he is building up trust and demonstrating the fact that he wants to have a future with you.

The Sexual Hug

If a person hugs you where his hand traces down your back seductively, it might mean that he is into you sexually. The hug indicates sexual attraction, and that he wants you in that way. 

The Hands-On-The-Waist Intimate Hug

When your partner hugs you in this way and stares deep into your eyes, he is expressing intimacy and romance. This hug means he is attracted to you and wants to spend time with you.

Even if he has not verbally expressed it, giving a hug in this manner might mean that he is already very much in love with you. This kind of hug also builds up some sexual tension between you and your partner.

The Comforting Hug

This type of hug can happen between two friends, two lovers, or two family members. This kind of hug generally is given when one party is going through a difficult time in their lives.

Hugging your friend, partner, or family member like this means that you empathize with their feelings and will support them through thick and thin. It shows a sense of comfort and support.

The Eye-To-Eye Hug

The eye-to-eye hug is the most typical form of intimate hugs and is a common one generally shared between couples or two people who are in love with each other. It is a hug that indicates romance, and when your partner is hugging you in this way, he is expressing his love for you in a very romantic way while staring deep into your eyes.

This stare deepens the connection between couples and is a way to show the fact that you are head over heels in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

The world is a ruthless place in reality and hugs are very rare. But, when you get them from the right person at the right time, it makes you feel less anxious, safe and needed. Hugs create a sense of belonging in us and make us forget the harrowing pains of daily lives, even for only a few moments.

So every time your loved ones hug you, cherish them, as they are precious and irreplaceable. Moreover, try to hug back your loved ones as much as possible because the world is so harsh already. We need to be more kind and loving to each other to make it a better place. 


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