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Do You Feel Lonely? Are You Shy Around People? Know How To Deal with Loneliness and Shyness.

Do You Feel Lonely? Are You Shy Around People? Know How To Deal with Loneliness and Shyness.

"Human being is a social creature", we are acquainted with this sentence from a very tender age. However, not every one of us turns out to be social butterflies. Many of us tend to remain alone in their rooms.

For some, it is heaven. But there are people among us who wish to mix with people but they are shy or are afraid to show off their real selves. And so are forced to lock themselves behind the door.

Loneliness and shyness are not uncommon problems.

Basically loneliness may turn out as an outcome of being shy (though it's not the case every time. Extroverts too feel lonely). Sometimes it feels too bad to be sitting alone while your friends or colleagues are having a gala time together.

We are afraid of leading into some awkward conversations or are afraid of some sour reply from people. Also, we fear what they will think of us. And eventually, we turn out to be a lone wolf, isolated from the social sphere.

So, how to deal with loneliness and shyness? There are some tips that can be followed. Here they go

Stop Judging Yourself

Accept the way you are. You needn't be totally perfect. None in this world is perfect and without faults. Accept your weaknesses. Be honest about yourself. It will bring people closer to you. We don't like hypocrites, do we? So don't be one. Don't pretend to be someone - an idealistic- person. When you stop judging yourself, people stop it too. So, walk confidently.

Mistakes Are Okay

We are afraid of the fact that if we make some mistakes, we will be socially embarrassed. Okay, we are all human beings. If you create a mess, admit your honesty, apologize if needed. The chapter ends here. You needn't feel afraid of it. People will accept you even after these.

Blow away the negativities

What can be the worst scenario if you try to talk to someone? Either you will be ignored or will be slang. Okay, that doesn't create a huge impression on your life. Don't stop talking to people in the fear of a sour response. If they turn out to be friendly, it's well and good but if they don't, it's okay. But don't label yourself as "stupid", " worthless" and the like.

Most people don't think of you

Yes, it's true. People have their own burdens and troubles, they rarely have the time to judge you. They may be concerned about something the way you are of your limitations.

Try Meeting New People

At the workplace, try conversing with the colleague sitting next to you. Ask her the time. Talk about the weather. Or discuss the upcoming assignment. At a party, try talking to a person who seems to be friendly. While on a bus, ask someone to pass on the magazine. Then talk about some current issues. Engage yourself in conversations. This will eventually boost your confidence.

Try being Helpful

Help people. If your classmate sitting next to you needs help in the classwork, give him a helping hand. Being helpful costs nothing. But it creates a better impression of you and brings you closer to people. Or you can just pass a brimming smile to your colleague who's having a bad day. A smile that suggests, "You can do it". Give compliments. " Your pen is so unique. Where did you buy it from?" The conversation starts here.

Laugh and make laugh

Laugh at your own silly mistakes. Put humour to make people laugh. Spread positivity. It will keep you happy as well as attract people towards you.

Tolerance is in the Air

You feel like you will be thrashed to death if you speak or behave in a silly or inappropriate way. Well, that's not the case, always. People are tolerant. They will eventually forget what you did or said. If you accept your mistakes and try overcoming them, people too will accept you.

Stop Comparing

"Wow, she's so confident. She has so many friends. I wish I could be like her!". No, you can't be like her. You shouldn't be. She is she and you are you. Two different personalities. Two different characters. Don't compare yourself with anyone. Yes, you can take someone as a role model or a source of inspiration. But don't try to be the second version of someone.

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