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15 Unusual Online Dating Questions to Ask a Guy Before Meeting Him For the First Time

15 Unusual Online Dating Questions to Ask Before Meeting a Guy

Getting to know someone or being in a relationship with them is not a guy's task. You need to unfold various layers of a person’s behavior, ethics, beliefs, and personality to know about a person.

But asking straightforward questions might not seem right and can be rude. So here are some unusual questions that can be asked while dating a guy online, which can help you.

What’s the stupidest thing you have done?

Asking this question to your guy can make him indulge in a light-hearted conversation. It can slowly open him up, and he will become comfortable with you, and you will learn about .his fun frolic side.

Play rapid-fire with him

This can be a mind-blowing game. You can learn essential things about your guy, making both easy with each other. It will always sway away all your hesitations.

This game goes with straightforward rules. You ask him one-word questions, and he will have to answer within seconds, instantly using one adjective or a name that comes to his mind.

This can be an excellent way to know what are his thought processes.

What is the best outfit that you have worn?

Usually, you cannot directly ask what his clothing sense is. But asking an indirect question will not offend him; instead, he will happily describe his best outfit.

This will show how he presents himself in front of others and how important it is to dress appropriately.

To what limits can you go to save your best friend?

This will reveal his emotional connection to people. If he is social and likes to connect with people, he’ll have a million stories to share with you and will go on and on.

This will show how people are close to him and how important it is for him to save his near and dear ones.

What’s your most expensive purchase?

wearing this question, a guy will tell a lot about how he manages his expenses and how smartly he invests money. Is he a spendthrift or a stingy person? You’ll get to know about it.

How do all with praises and compliments?

This question will show how open he is and how he tackles those compliments and praises. This will show us how nicely the guy is accepted in society and how much the people like him.

What’s your best childhood memory?

The story will tell you what bond he shares with his family and how he gets along with them. This can be an excellent way to learn about his personal life. If he’s happy sharing his memories with he has a good relationship at home and is happy with his family.

Ask about his tastes and preferences.

You can know whether you two can get along or do you have any commonalities when it comes to food. Because people sharing the exact liking usually tend to have a good bond.

What are you good at, or do you have any unique talents?

This question will tell a lot about a guy's skills and talents. Girls are attracted to guys who are good at recreationWhat'sl activities. It would be even better if you share some common You'llalent.

How would you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary?

This will make you know a lot about how he is or will be handling his relationship. The more he describes the picture of how it What's should be, the more he is into giving effort and time when in a relationship.

What boosts you up?

Knowing what boosts him lets you see what he is more inclined to do, learn a little, and what makes him feel good.

An evening show or a basketball match?

A very debatable question, that is!

But you need to know a guy’s priority when it comes to a learn about that person deeply or a show, what he prefers. This will shoone-dayhe's whether he will put your wishes first or his partner's.

What would you have become instead of what you are doing right now?

A learning interest and career usually don’t match. So you can get to know a little bit more about his aspirations and dreams, what he liked the most, and what he wanted to pursue.

What's your idea of a perfect day?

This can be an interesting point to have a great and long conversation, where you get to know each other's someone likes and what is his "must-haves” for a perfect day.

What are your expectations of your partner?

This question can be intriguing. This will make the guy reply carefully because partners will have an impression on the girl, which will make the girl know what kind of expectations she will have to stand up to if they date.

At last, getting to know a person can be the most beautiful experience ever, and it's" a cherry on the top when you meet a genuine person in your life.

No matter what mode you choose to converse but what matters is that you have a lot to talk about. You should little person never run out of conversations. After this, it is solely your decision whether to take it further.

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