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Top 10 Most Seductive Serial Killer With Whom You can Surely Fall in Love!

Glorifying serial killers

Dark, flowing hair, Sparkling eyes that are enticing, and a captivating grin-these aren't the typical characteristics of a serial killer. However, with today's movies and television shows attempting to depict serial killers in this light, it's essential to consider whether we're glamorizing these ruthless killers. The media can affect public opinion in both positive and negative ways.

This is entirely dependent on the media company and its mission. The representation would be very different if their goal is to be the first to get the truth and stay ahead of law enforcement on the case. Or it can intend to collaborate with law enforcement to inform the public while not presenting a misleading picture of the murders and perpetrators.

Movies & Killers

Serial killer stories are becoming more prevalent in the media. America waited in anticipation when revealed that Zac Efron, a well-known Hollywood leading man, would play notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

Moreover, Raman Raghav, released in the year 2016, became one of the most talked-about films. Quentin Tarantino's film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" portrayed notorious cult leader and murderer Charles Manson.

This got me thinking: Is the media making these biographical films for glorifying serial killers? Are they now being held up as role models?

People and Media Glorifying Serial Killers

Let us first understand why do people glorify murders? It's no wonder that Gen Y has a morbid obsession with the gruesome aspects of life and the perpetrators of great crimes, particularly in an age when documentaries about serial killers are so typical that people throw watch parties with snacks and bottles of wine.

According to research, serial killers are being liked by the public for a variety of interconnected reasons. Firstly, Serial killers and their offences are exotic and enticing to people. Their cruelty is so extreme, and their actions seem to be so out of the ordinary. Secondly, These types of crimes committed by serial killers and shown by the media make the people prepare themselves for the worst.

Taking advantage of the public curiosity regarding serial killers, serial murder is an appealing storyline for the media. The public's curiosity is the primary reason why the media devotes so much time and attention to reporting serial murders.

Once again, how the media affects the public is determined by the organization's goal; the media may portray a false image, potentially obstructing the investigation. Alternatively, a media outlet may collaborate with the public information officer to better educate and notify the public so that the investigation is not hampered.

Intentions of the media:

Well, according to the media, their intention behind glorifying the serial killers is to:

● Make people understand the psychological thoughts of serial killers.

●Educate the public on the warning signs of a profoundly disturbed individual to potentially avoid it.

The Reality

The comeback

But the reality is different. The names associated with serial killers always pique the public's interest. Jack the Ripper, the Killer Clown, Nithari Killers, the Zodiac Killer, and the Auto Shankar are only a few of the names given to these killers by the media to add to their mystique, making them more marketable. The media boosts these serial killers because disturbing and divisive news sells.

When films about serial killers are published, it can be seen as rewarding these killers by profiling their lives in the same way that filmmakers would profile positive role models such as Martin Luther King or Gandhi. It merely raises their profile, increases their popularity, and elevates them to celebrity status in the eyes of impressionable audiences, which is precisely what serial killers want.

Ted Bundy was convicted of 30 murders of young women in seven separate states in the United States. His youngest victim was just twelve years old. These killings were gruesome and horrifying, and they were carried out without hesitation.

Charles Manson was a cult leader who oversaw nine California murders for the so-called "Manson Family." He was well-known for duping his followers into committing gruesome murders and other crimes.

However, for some reason, these two are making a big "on-screen" comeback and getting a lot of unnecessary attention. The retellings of these murders should make us uncomfortable and remind us how disgusting the human race can be, but these gruesome true stories enthral many people. Isn't it surprising?

The Impact of the Portrayal

Producers of true crime media may have good intentions. Still, if they show too much of the criminal's humanity while showing too little of the disturbing crimes or lives of the victims, they have abdicated their obligations.

Recently, Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has urged Kannada filmmakers not to glorify the underworld or criminals or to make films that depict cops negatively." The bulk of today's films glorify goons and rowdies and portray them as Robin Hoods. This excuses illegal activity, and people, especially young people, are susceptible to such narratives,"

he explained. Moreover, The Press Council of India has also instructed the media not to "glorify" serial killers and to refrain from publishing or broadcasting images that are likely to cause "revulsion."

Tumblr is also a hotbed for serial killers being glorified by the users. There is a page devoted particularly to serial killer quotes as well as about serial killer memes. One of the quotes reads, "You inspire my inner serial killer." It was labelled as "inspirational" beneath the text.

Although binge-watching a Netflix show about a serial killer can be thrilling, it is also important to note that these people are evil. There is no excuse for what they did, and nothing about them can be respected.

Serial killers should not be given characteristics that lead the viewer to sympathize or like the character in any way. After all, the victims in the film are not serial killers. Instead, these serial killer movies should make the viewer feel disgusted and repulsed.

They should concentrate on the murderer and the victims, and they should represent the true character of the serial killer without glorifying any parts of his or her personality.

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