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Is your affair the end of your marriage or the start of mending things with your spouse!

successful extramarital affairs

They say marriages are made in heaven. Marriages are bound by the vows of loyalty and a promise forever together "until death do us apart." Extramarital affairs are viewed with disgust, but many successful extramarital affairs have proved to make your marriage more active and beneficial.

There are several benefits of extramarital matters if the rules of extramarital experiences are made clear at the start. Conservative societies, however, look at various remedies for extramarital affairs, as they still consider them unlawful.

Amidst the various differing opinions, having an extramarital affair is totally up to the person's will and consent. Society has several good reasons as to why extramarital affairs are wrong and need to be avoided. But they are just one side of the coin.

Extramarital affairs come with their own set of advantages, much of which help you build back your marriage and personality. Here are a few reasons why extramarital marriages could be right.

1) Confidence booster

For a marriage to work, both of you need to be confident of your abilities to satiate each other's needs both sexually and emotionally. Going through a 'dry spell' in your marriage lowers your morale, and you feel insecure that your partner doesn't desire you.

Your sexual inactivity makes you lose passion and interest, and you stop making efforts to work on the relationship. Successful extramarital affairs bring out motivation to work on yourself again.

The newfound passion motivates you to hit the gym, dress up to look nice, work on your attitude towards your spouse and helps you make more efforts to be a better version of yourself. Your affair gets you the familiar butterflies in the stomach again, and with their bunch of compliments, you get a confidence boost.

This shall vibe with your marital partner, who shall now take it upon them too, to work for you and make themselves look good for you. This restores the lost passion in your relationship and helps you create a new passionate start with restored confidence in the both of you.

2) Revival of your relationship

Successful extramarital affairs with new people give you more unique ideas and perspectives to catch on to. You are determined to bring to your relationship everything that you shared with your extramarital partner.

You decide to dedicate the time to reconnect with your partner, take them for dates, give them occasional compliments, go on romantic long drives, watch the sunset together and listen to songs, dance and Netflix and chill together!

All the difficulties that your relationship previously faced will slowly wither away as affection creeps in, with newer perspectives and newer reasons to love.

3) Marriage review

The rat race of life takes over many of us, and once the honeymoon phase of the relationship washes away, the couples get busy in their work and the regular casualties of life. This results in a lack of intimacy among the couples and takes away the sheen of the relationship.

Many couples even ignore casual soft touches, kiss or hugs and do not give it much of a priority in their lives. Their sex isn't churned out of spontaneity and rather follows a schedule with a tuned time limit, ridding the passion and pleasure.

Successful extramarital affairs fill that void. It helps the couples understand the little nuances that may be wrong in their relationship, helping them solve the issue. Understanding the "why", "what", and "how" of your relationship is very crucial to understanding how your partner's needs can be satiated. This is a much-reported advantage of extramarital affairs.

4) You realize your spouse better

No one is made perfect, and it is only a matter of time until the same discrepancies of annoyance, arguments, small lies, jealousy, and anger creeps in with your extramarital affairs as well. This makes you understand your spouse better, as you have seen them at their vulnerable states, and it makes you know that every relationship has its share of ugly nature involved and that no one is perfect.

You shall now take measures to handle your spouse better and understand them through their vulnerable moments. Extramarital affairs also sediment some guilt in the system, making you tap your loyalty harder and look for the positives in your partner.

5) More breathing space

Naturally, an extramarital affair brings with it another person you can now go to for your problems and needs. Successful extramarital affairs give more space for both people to express their inner turmoil and not feel choked about having to go to the same person always.

All spheres of emotional, physical, and mental problems are always shared with your marital partner, giving you little space to concentrate on anything else. There is an overdose of each other's presence, making it hard not to feel tired of such a relationship.

Successful extramarital affairs give you another person you can go to in case of emotional help, and it halves the burden of your marriage. This reduces your marriage's negativity and gives you more space to love and maintain a warm relationship.

Successful extramarital affairs come with a set of ground rules that ensure none of your married partner's emotions or the affair is hurt.

1) Make sure you make it clear with your affair about what both of you expect of the relationship.

2) Ensure you establish an end date for the affair and make sure your affair is on board with it and is not expecting more.

3) Be kind as your affair isn’t just a fling but is a person who needs love too.

4) Ensure you don't compensate your affair time with family time and make sure you clear all history with your affair during and after the relationship.

Marriages can be tough as a "happily ever after" is often just a conjured ending for most fairy tales. Steering your marriage the right way, refurbishing it with love and passion and understand what marriage means to you, an extramarital affair is a tool you can use to get a better relationship with your spouse.

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