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Alert! Not for Weak Hearted People! How Do Serial Killers Choose Their Victims?

Serial killings often appear to be entirely random at first – each victim may have something in common that only the killer quickly recognizes...Often there is no rational explanation in why a person chooses a particular victim. Some have a scenario playing out in their mind, and it's all about situations that suit their fantasy than a specific victim type. Others kill people who demeanor anger them.

For example, H.H. Holmes, who is generally believed to be the first known serial killer in the world, began to kill people to steal their property. During the World's Columbian Exploitation, held in Chicago, he built a hotel of horrors to lure and kill guests.

The Term: Serial Killer

As a prototype idea, the notion of serial killing is better understood.

The most unusual type of homicide is serial killing, which happens when a person has murdered three or more individuals who were previously unknown to him or her. Serial killers, however, are responsible for a significant number of these unsolved assassinations.

Some of the known killers are H.H. Holmes, David Berkowitz, West, Fred. Related mental growth disorders affect multiple serial killers. They also seem to be above-average intelligence wise, and for some of these guys, it is in some ways as if killing acts like a drug.

The majority of serial killers who live alone are not reclusive social misfits. They are not monsters and do not seem unusual. Inside their families, many serial murderers hide in plain sight. Serial killers also have families and homes, are gainfully working, and seem to be regular community members.

What Motives Do The Serial Killers Represents?

The only reasons that have come to be understood so far are frustration, anxiety, financial gain, and finding attention, desire, power, etc. In the needs and aspirations of serial murderers, there is a tremendous variety that leads them to extinguish others' lives. In a serial murder case, the motive can be complicated to ascertain since one can have several reasons for committing his or her crimes.

Some of the murders who were deserted by their families were David Berkowitz, Joel Rifkin and many more. Whereas if the murderer is all about some psychosexual stimulation, then he would typically try to locate victims to whom he is drawn. In the annals of criminal history, Andrei Chikatilo is the most ruthless serial killer who sexually abused, killed and mutilated at least fifty-two women and children.

Even counted among the fears, as mentioned in previous texts, when H.H Holmes was made to confess about his killings. One of the reasons was being bullied during his childhood which exorcised him of his fears about death.

Who Are The Victims?

It is one of the least 'answered questions when it comes to what the forms of victims are. Some of their tastes are a mix of what victims are available, usable and attractive in terms of how serial killers pick their victims, while some of the killers are more comfortable waiting for the "right" and highly desirable victim to come along.

Many serial killers have a deep compulsion to commit acts of violence. However, they are believed to have been conscientious people who won't pick a victim if they know they are very likely to succeed. This is why a prostitute or homeless person is most often the first perpetrator; anyone who kills will strike without paying attention...

It is known that Mr Frederick and Mrs Rosemary West committed at least 12 murders. Many of the casualties of the West have been swept up by the wayside. Most of them were rebellious and difficult teens from dysfunctional families, but not all. West was motivated by sexual gratitude, including abuse, torture, and mutilation, and all the dismembered corpses in the Wests' Cromwell Street garden, known as 'House of Horrors,' were usually buried there.


It's always a felony to kill or threaten to kill. Since not everyone has the psychology of being one of the many serial killers, the motivations or other known reasons such as rage, desire, strength, on the other hand, could lead someone down the wrong direction.

Someone may be a serial killer because, in his adolescence, he is traumatized, while someone is a killer because it gives him comfort. Not many incidents of serial killing are seen or should be identified, but it is a matter of being vigilant not to become a victim of the same.

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