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Elizabeth Bathory (The Blood Countess): Bloodthirst Serial Killer who Tortured Youngs Girls to Death

Elizabeth Bathory (The Blood Countess): Bloodthirst Serial Killer who Tortured Youngs Girls to Death

Born in a Nobel Hungarian Family in 1560, Elizabeth Bathory renowned as the most infamous serial killer of history. She is a step behind the Dracula. She was invested with flattering looks, affluence, excellent education. Her family controlled Transylvania and her uncle was the king of Poland. Due to this, she enjoyed a high status in society.

The Beginning -

At the ripe age of 11 or 12, she got engaged. Ferenc Nadasdy, her fiancée belonged to an aristocratic Hungarian family. A month later she had a baby with a low-grade lover. And it is said that Nadasdy had him castrated and his body mutilated by a bunch of starving dogs.

But regardless they got married in 1575 when she was 14 or 15. They both lived in a castle in Hungary but being an ambitious soldier France was away. During his absence, she had many lovers and that is how she bore her husband four children.

Elizabeth Bathory executed most of her malign and sadistic ideas mostly in the absence of French. Though there are many speculations stating that Nadasdy also taught her way of torturing. While some believed his ignorance in his wife's doings.

No one knows why Elizabeth Bathory did what she did. She believed that bathing in the blood of young girls will keep her young. And hence, she began her gruesome activities.

Labeled as the most prolific murderer by the Guinness Book of World record. Though the exact number of people who were murdered is still dubious.

The innocents and the gruesome process -

Elizabeth Bathory's four servants were her accomplice. Initial subjects were daughters of local peasants aged from 10 to 14 years.

They were lured to work as well as paid servants and maids in the palace. Bathory had an inclination towards young girls in particular and many concur to the fact that she was bisexual. She then began victimizing girls of the lesser gentry, who were sent to castles for learning courtesy and etiquette. Abductions too happened.

Her wanton acts included driving needles through her servants' lips and fingernails. She often left her victims naked in the snow. Doused them with water and let them freeze to death.

Other more consistent atrocities were severe beating, burning, or mutilation of hand. She also peeled the skin from faces, arms, and other parts.

In a count taken by the people living around her estate, it is understood that she killed an estimated of 600 hundred girls. Around 300 hundred witnesses and survivors confirmed the cruel doings of Elizabeth Bathory.

Caught and Henceforth -

After the death of her Husband Frenec Nadasdy in 1604, rumors about her activities started escalating. After a request from a Lutheran Minister, Hungarian authorities began an investigation in 1610.

In December of the following year, Bathory and her accomplice were arrested. But, there are no records of any sort of interrogation. Many believed she dined and tortured a young girl.

The four servants went through trials and were found guilty. Three of them were executed while the remaining one was prisoned till death. Bathory, herself never put on a trial as she was the woman of high status. While Bathory herself was confined in the castle of Csejte for the rest of her life, where she died at the age of 54 in 1614.

Bathory had a vampiric tendency. Bathory once slapped a female servant out of rage. After a while, she noticed that her skin looked younger where the servant's blood was splashed.

Since then it was rum rumored at Erzbet drank the blood of her victims and even bathed in it. But these stories surfaced years after her death and are considered highly unreliable.

She is often compared to Vlad the Impaler - Vlad is known for his legends of cruelty. There is a difference of a century between Bathory and Vlad but they had a common reputation. It is also said that the novelist Bram Stoker was inspired by Bathory and Vlad for his novel The Dracula.

The Conspiracy (conclusion)

Over time, many historians believed Bathory was innocent and everything conspired against her. It was because of her extensive wealth and ownership of large lands in Hungary. The Hungarian Prof. László claimed the accusations against Báthory were politically motivated.

Historians are certain of nothing. But most of the facts vividly indicate the wanton and sadistic nature of Erzbet Bathory and how that cost many innocent lives.

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