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13 Weirdest and Funniest Christmas Traditions in the World

13 Weirdest and Funniest Christmas Traditions in the World

Christmas tradition includes a diffusion of customs, religious practices, rituals and folklore associated with Christmas. Every country celebrates Christmas in bizzare , trendy and funny ways. Christmas has become a traditional celebration in the world. In some countries, there is a holiday before the 12 days of Christmas.

Traditions knocked around with Christmas holiday are bizzare in their origins and nature. On Christmas eve, many people conclude themselves in the Christmas religious characters.

Fun facts of Christmas:-

There is something bizzare about Christmas and kids are very interested in this festival, as they want gifts from Santa Claus. These are some fun facts that the kids will love to know and seem to be interested in.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ:-

What? As we all know, there is an annual holiday on 25th December because of Christmas. But is it right, we all celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ? And the answer is yes. After the death of Jesus Christ, 25th December was chosen to mark his birthday by Roman Catholic Church. But the weird fact is in the bible, and there is no mention of 25th December as a birth of Jesus Christ.

Ancient Egyptians and Romans first used Christmas trees:-

Is it a fun fact? We decorate the Christmas tree but is it firstly used by ancient Egyptians and Romans? Yes, the origin of Christmas trees is done by Egyptians and Romans. You will be bizzare by knowing that they decorate it with nuts and fruits; it's nothing like what we do now.

Santa Claus was known as Sinterklaas in Dutch:-

Ahan! It is difficult to pronounce for the kids ''Sinterklaas''. Santa Claus gives gifts to the children, and this is because they love him. But do you know the actual story of Santa Claus? The fun fact is this story is as per our human being named "St. Nicholas". He helped the poor and the needy. As he also loved the children, therefore, he secretly gave gifts to them. When his story spread, he was called Sinterklaas in Dutch.

The Christmas wreath is a symbol of love and eternal life:-

The Christmas wreath is evocative of the Crown of Thorns that Jesus waged. As the colours of the Christmas wreath, red represents the blood of Jesus, green is supposed to symbolise life and gold stands for royalty and light.

Centre gets a lot of work done with the help of elves:-

Yeah! We got the gift. The fun fact is you can say this only because of elves. Centre takes the help of the elves to give gifts to their lovely kids. The Mary spirit of Christmas is just because of them.

The traditional Christmas mail is not what you think it is:-

It is a weird fact that the traditional Christmas meal was a pics head covered with mustard. It is the traditional Christmas meal in England before Turkey.

Weird facts of Christmas Traditions:-

Although Christmas may have only started as a Christian holiday and is mostly still observed as such, you will be bizzare by knowing that people from all around the world have welcomed the Christmas period and incorporated their rituals along the way.

Japan: All I want for Christmas is KFC

By forgetting Turkey's mail, it is a fun fact that Japanese courses KFC order online for their Christmas meal. The name of that Christmas male of Japanese is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Norway: Hide your broom

The weird fact is Norwegians believe that on Christmas witch will come at night to steal their broom. Therefore, the householder's hide all the brooms somewhere in the house. And after hiding all the blooms, the Norwegians go to sleep.

Caracas: Get your skates on

In Caracas, many roads in the capital are closed until 8:00 A. M. before 12 days of the Christmas. Venezuelan attend an Early Morning Mass service which is named there as Misa De Aguinaldo. You will be b

Austria: Facing your Christmas Demons

We all know Santa as a good cop. Isn't it? But in Austria, it isn't the same. The weird fact is Santa has an evil role called Krampus there. He has a task to punish spoiled children before Christmas. He is the bad cop there.

Men's Room in devil costumes into the streets to abduct the best children and hauling them to hell.

Catalonia: Pooping their way through Christmas

People in Catalonia create a character, draw faces and put a hat on it. They feed it until Christmas comes. The weird fact is when Christmas comes they sing a song for it and beat it with a stick. Isn't it quite a fun fact?

Greenland: A Christmas dinner you will never forget

In a Christmas meal, they eat raw whale skin. This is bizarre that they eat kiviak, which is made by wrapping an auk in sealskin.izzare that they eat kiviak, which is made by wrapping an auk in sealskin.

Guatemala: How clean is your house.

The people of Guatemala believe that evil spirits live in dirty corners. Therefore, they clean their houses before Christmas. It's called La Quema del Diablo, the ''Burning of the Devil''.

Ukraine: Deck the halls with spider webs

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree decorated with spiders? or have you decorated your Christmas trees with spiders? The possible answer will be no. Ukraine's weird fact does as we decorate the tree on Christmas with lights and canes, Ukrainians also décor the tree with an artificial spider. Ukrainians believe that seeing a spider on the Christmas tree means good luck.

Portugal: I feed dead people

In Portugal, The Peoples places extra food for their deceased relatives on the dining table. They thought that it would bring good fortune for their households.

Italy: Where Santa's little helper is an old witch

Does it sound bizarre that an old witch can be Santa's helper? But it is a weird fact that an old witch called La Befana delivers gifts to the children in Italy.

The story of the three wise men invited a witch to take care of the baby Jesus. She refused to come.

Sweden: The yule goat

This is the oldest tradition but celebrated till now. On this day, a yule goat is created in a giant version and decorated. It is constructed out of straws and red ribbons. It is fired, and everyone sends their wish with it.

Germany: Fill your boots

The fun fact is in Germany, to know the nature of children. Every kid hangs their shoe on the door. If they are right, they get the candies. If the arena isn't, they get a branch.

Spain: New Year, new (red) knickers

The fun fact is in Spain it is compulsory to wear red knickers on the new year eve.


As there are distinctive traditions in every country to celebrate Christmas. But the main thing is that they all are enjoying their practices. Christmas started as a Christian holiday, but now Every culture has been attached to it with their bizarre tradition even in many countries where Christianity is not the religion of most people.



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