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The Haunted Borgvattnet Vicarage: Renowned as The Most Haunted Houses in Sweden! Why? Discover Here!

The Haunted Borgvattnet Vicarage: Renowned as The Most Haunted Houses in Sweden! Why? Discover Here!

One can experience a whimsical elegance to the places that experienced lifetimes of occupants as if these are hiding a secret that can only be relayed by the ghosts in these eerie destinations. Behind their opulent facades, one can find perhaps a couple of hidden skeletons.

The creek of a floorboard or the flicker of light is nothing, but just the beginning of frightening tales that these locations deliver to the visitors.


Many vicars that have stayed at the Vicarage have reported incidents of ghostly attacks. They have experienced many strange occurrences. Thus their claims have given the vicarage its haunted reputation.

Borgvattnet Vicarage is one of the world’s and Sweden’s most haunted houses. Built-in 1876, the vicarage served as the humble house of holy men. There were no reported sights of ghosts for ninety years and it was normal as a house could be.

However, ninety years later, in 1927, the first ghostly occurrence was recorded. The then Chaplain, Nils Hedlund had first experienced the mysterious attack to which he had no answer. He experienced the incident when he had gone down to do his laundry for gathering some extra clothing. He noticed that his laundry was being torn apart from the line by unseen forces.

In 1930, the next priest who resided in the Vicarage was Rudolf Tangden. One night, he noticed a woman in grey in one of the rooms and when he tried to approach her, she instantly disappeared. In the 1940s, Otto Lingren, the next priest, heard strange voices.

He along with his wife heard strange noises as well as objects moving on their own. They also noticed the sounds of ghostly footsteps and music playing from the other rooms.

Once, one of the female visitors, Inga Flodin who had been staying in one of the guestrooms was suddenly woken up by an unseen entity. When she noticed properly, three old women were sitting on a sofa which was placed against the wall.

She noticed them crying. When she turned the lights on, they did not disappear; on the contrary, they appeared to be sad as she heard their cries. What’s even more surprising is that there was no sofa in that room.

In 1945, Erik Lindgren, the new Chaplain had also experienced a ghostly incident. He was exhausted from unpacking and decided to settle down on a rocking chair. A mysterious force threw him away from the rocking chair. When he got back on the chair, he felt some kind of strong force to enter his body. Presently, the chair is found in the vicarage rocking on its own.


Many theories have been proposed in order to explain the paranormal occurrences. It is believed that the place is haunted by the spirits of the former vicars. Others stories include a maid, who got pregnant. Horrified, she killed her child and buried its body.

Another one involves a priest Per Hundland who lost his wife in childbirth. She died after giving birth to her 11th child. As per the advice of the villagers, he buried her body near the vicarage. However, it is believed that he dug her body and carried it with him when he moved away.

Ironically, one of his sons was Nils Hedlund, the very first priest who noticed the strange occurrences. People believe that all the incidents are connected with his family, but there has been no solid evidence to prove the same.

In recent times, the vicarage serves as Bed and Breakfast, a café as well as a restaurant. Yet, the paranormal incidents continue to occur. Many of the guests that have stayed there have reported instances of strange happenings. They include crying noises, knocking sounds, and ghostly reflections in the mirror.

One couple that has stayed at the Vicarage recounted an incident, where the husband was mysteriously grabbed by an unseen force and dragged across the staircase. Scared out of their wits, they spent the rest of their night outside in a tent. They didn’t dare to step one foot into the Vicarage.


Some guests have also complained of being constantly glared by an unseen force and being woken up by a cold force on their foreheads. However, for some of the brave guests who manage to stay the night in the Vicarage without any fear, the manager rewards them with a certificate of “Overnight stay” as evidence of their bravery and to prove they survive the haunted forces.

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