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The Franklin Castle: Doors Close & Open by themselves, objects move on their own! Why? Know Here!

The Franklin Castle - Doors Close & Open by themselves, objects move on their own! Why? Know Here!

The Franklin Castle, also known as the Tiedemann House, is a beautifully constructed palace in Cleveland, Ohio. The turrets, windows, stone walls, creepy gargoyles, and the six feet iron gate stand unique and prominent.

In the late nineteenth century, the castle was built for Hannes Tiedmann, who was a German immigrant. However, this historic castle has made its way to the list of most haunted places in America.

Hannes Tiedmann

Hannes Tiedmann was a wealthy German banker immigrant who brought the house in the late 1800s. He stayed there along with his family. Hannes had a reputation for being the cruelest person in the locality. Few years after living in the house, a chain of tragedies struck the Franklin castle family.

Tragedy struck the family with the death of his daughter Emma, supposedly due to diabetes. Not long after, Hannes’ mother also had to face death. In the span of three years after the mother’s death, Hannes was seen burying three of his other children too. This gave rise to the rumors that Hannes had something to do with the death of his family members.

It was after this that he started to construct the house even more, with ballrooms and Gargoyles, to give it a more castle-like appearance. He is supposedly said to have even built secret passageways and stairways that added to the haunting factor later on.

A few years later, his wife Louise died due to liver failure. Though the localities chose to say that Hannes had something to do with it. A year after the death, Hannes sold the house and shifted to another place. At the beginning of the 1900s, he also died. Now, the house is said to be haunted because of the crimes that were committed in that house by Hannes himself.

Ghost Tours

Over the next few years, the house served as homes and offices to several German and other organizations. One family stayed in that house in the 1960s for a few years and reported ghost encounters.

They even called the priest and performed an exorcism. Many investigators were also contacted. By 970, the house was sold again, and the new owner decided to turn it into a church.

To raise funds for the upbringing of the church, several programs such as ghost tours, and ghost overnight adventures were introduced. Visitors found human bones in the closet of one of the rooms, though many believe that it was purely a publicity act.

Though later on, the house was sold and renovated and left vacant for quite some time before it opened for various investigations and tours.

The Hauntings

Some of the hauntings witnessed by those who have been in the castle include the opening and closing of the doors on their own, sound of footsteps, moving around of inanimate objects, shifting of objects on their own, missing things, etc.

The Fire

In 2010, a fire broke out in the haunted castle. The fire rescuers rescued a 29-year old man that was found lying unconscious near the castle. The man was taken to the hospital immediately after that.

Apparently, there were two other men also inside during the fire, though they were said to have fled. The fire spread to various parts of the house, destroying 200,000 thousand worth property.

The house is now said to serve self-guided tours as well as used by people to organize parties and other events. Though many controversies are revolving around the true nature of Hannes Tiedmann, nothing is really proved.

But one thing that is definitely proved is that this castle is no ordinary, magical princess castle, and will give you the nightmares that you dread.

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