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Panchatantra Story For Moral Lessons- Story 1: The Monkey and the Wedge

Once upon a time, an artisan employed many blacksmiths and masons to build a temple in his garden. The artisans started work in the early morning and continued until their midday meal break, then returned until they closed for the evening.

Panchatantra Story 1: The Monkey and the Wedge

On a fine day, a group of chimpanzees arrived at the construction site and noticed that the workers had left for lunch at about noon.

One of the carpenters was working on a table with a piece of wood ripped in half. Since it was only half finished, he placed a wedge between the halves to allow the table to continue developing and left for his lunch.

Panchatantra Story For Kids - Story 1: The Monkey and the Wedge

As all the workers left, the monkeys came down the branches and began jumping and playing with the instruments scattered across the area.

One monkey was interested in the wedge between a couple of logs. It sat between the tops of the halves, split logs, and began pulling the wedge out.

Suddenly, the wedge popped out and, as a result, the log fragmented, and the monkey became caught in the gap between shattered twigs. He was severely injured.

Panchatantra Story Moral: One who interrupts others is bound to suffer.

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