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Can You Believe Ghostly Faces Kept Appearing on the Floor of a House in Spain. Read the Scary Story!

Can You Believe Ghostly Faces Kept Appearing on the Floor of a House in Spain. Read the Scary Story!

The sun-drenched, temperate land of Andalusia jutting into the Mediterranean Sea brings out the charm of southern Spain. The province of Jaén located along the northwestern border of Andalusia is famous for the olive oil production in Spain, attracting several visitors from near and far throughout the year.

Amidst all these, within the rocky peaks lies a village, Bélmez de la Moraleda with a population of 2,000 people has gained a reputation for its bizarreness.

Spooky Story of Ghostly Faces:

It all started on 23rd August 1971 with a family living in the village. The day started normally, when a lady, Maria Gómez Cámara was busy in her daily work. As soon as she passed through her, her eyes fell on something peculiar on the floor, and after a close look, she found some stains. She was sure that the stain was not present there before and emerged suddenly from the blue.

The mind-blowing fact was that the stain seemed to increase in its size, reported Maria, and even tried cleaning a portion of the floor by soap and water. But, no matter what she tried, all of her efforts went in vain, leaving her both disappointed and confused and left the kitchen with its peculiar stain alone for the time being.

However, she was completely shocked when she looked the stain for the next time, which by then began to transform itself resembling the shape of a human face etching on to the concrete floor.

She spoke to her spouse regarding this and soon after, her son tried to remove that as well, failing miserably. Maria reported the more they tried cleaning and removing the stain, the more changes were noticed in the position and facial expressions.

Time passed by and the situation became very disturbing for the family, they removed the concrete from the entire section form the floor and filled the gap with new concrete.

The new floor of the kitchen seemed to fine for the family at the first instance, however, a week later, the reappearance of the stain and human faces terrorized them. This time, the face was much pronounced and clear compared to its predecessor.

Not many instances occurred after this, others came to know about the occurrences and Maria’s house famed as La Casa de las Caras or The House of the Faces. When the incident reached the ears of the then Mayor, he strictly instructed Maria and the family not to try to remove the faces and ordered preserving the face until a detailed study is not conducted.

The section of concrete where the faces kept on appearing, was cut and sent for further detailed analysis. The fate of the family was unlucky and another face appeared at the same spot, which was found to be different from the others.

The Cámara family was confused, yet desperate and visited the city council to seek help. By now, they were completely sure that something was seeping up underneath the house through the concrete and decided to excavate the entire kitchen floor, locating the chaos’ sources and their findings suggest that their house to be one of the spookiest places on the planet.

Can You Believe Ghostly Faces Kept Appearing on the Floor of a House in Spain. Read the Scary Story!

While digging deep through the earth, their sight caught the view of numerous skeletons of individuals, and even some of them found to be headless. Detailed analysis of the skeletons stated they were from the 13th century, were removed with due respect and buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Everyone felt relieved as it was thought to be the ending of the paranormal activities in Maria’s house. The spirits of the dead were finally at peace, however, this was just the starting.

Return of Faces:

After a few weeks the family completed reconstructing their kitchen floor, the short-lived relief of the family turned into dread, and once again all those activities repeated, the faces followed by the stain began to appear.

This time the activities changed completely than the previous ones, the stain appeared, but several of them, metamorphosing into numerous faces. Each of them bore different facial expressions that the other, ranging from neutrality to smile, a scowl, and to a look of abject agony.

These faces sometimes disappeared on their own, later replaced by some other face. Among these ghostly faces, there were faces of men, women, and children, sometimes smiling, sometimes screaming with continuously changing their positions.

The story of the haunted house of Blemez, Spain spread to the whole of the world by the media, making it a center of tourist attraction. The phenomena spiked the curiosity among several paranormal experts, who decided to conduct an experiment in which they completely sealed three rooms and no one was allowed to visit the place for three months.

After the reopening of the rooms, the experts claimed that not only the faces but also their expressions changed in short instances. Another experiment including voice recorders set up near to the faces, leaving the place undisturbed.


Several theories came into existence explaining the causes of the appearance of the ghostly faces, which many believed to be the faces of the spirits devoid of peace. Another theory points towards the host, Maria claiming her to be psychic, unknowingly projecting her thoughts, and etching them into nearby objects.

The proof solidified the theory that it was just a reflection of her mental state and the faces took the emotional expressions of Maria. Some experts studying the incident claimed the use of certain chemicals such as nitric, sulphuric, or acetic acids.

Some suggest the use of an oxidizing agent, or perhaps even an agent that is light sensitive and darkens in the presence of sunlight, such as silver nitrate.

However, this theory was criticized on the ground of the illogical question it leaves behind: How was Maria able to see the faces disappear, reappear, and change their expressions in solid materials so quickly?


Maria took her last breath in 2004 when she was 85 years old; however, the genuineness of the ghostly faces remains a mystery till today. However, psychic researchers, Pedro Amorós claimed that the faces appeared again before Maria’s death, triggering curiosity among the global public.

Unfortunately, it was not what it seemed and the Spanish media revealed how Amorós formed a team with the local municipal government of the village and faked the new faces for financial gains.

He further stated that the incident was nothing more than a mere hoax. Even today, no one is sure about the faces Maria saw years before, leaving a mark of curiosity in the minds of people.

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