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Sleeping with a Knife, Instead of a Wife: A Common Practise to Keep Knife Underneath Pillow

Sleeping with a Knife, Instead of a Wife: A Common Practise to Keep Knife Underneath Pillow

A knife under your pillow or on the bedside table, are you paranoid, prepared, or just trying anything your grandmother or mother told you to do?

What Causes Nightmares?

It is said that when you experience nightmares, it is because of some dark energy around you that caused bad dreams. It's widespread for people to suggest some baseless remedies to people who seek help and advice for their problems.

One of those problems is disturbed sleep or having nightmares. Nightmares are frequent among children, but being an adult when you experience disturbed sleep, you want to reason it. Nightmares are realistic and disturbing, vivid dreams that shake you up from a deep sleep. They tend to make your heart pounding from fear.

Nightmares are generally caused by increased metabolism, which keeps your brain active, different medications like antidepressants, blo0od pressure medications, etc. but in what world does a knife going to work to give u a peaceful s0leep.

People think and believe that a knife or a pair of scissors under the pillow can stop the negative thoughts coming to your mind and give you sleep without any disturbance.

People think that the disturbance in their sleep is because of some evil spirits or ghosts who are scared of the iron knife. When it is placed near you, ghosts or evil spirits think twice before haunting you.

Scientific Reasons for sleeping with a knife

Well scientifically, there is an explanation based on an experiment some Scientists performed in a castle where they found a room where it is said that whoever slept experience horrible dreams and had the worst sleep of their life.

They found that the mattress had small iron springs. They experimented and discovered that the iron in the mattress created a local magnetic deviation in the magnetic field around the mattress, which was supposed to be the reason for the people experiencing disturbed sleep.

Specific low-frequency magnetic fields around the human brain affect its activity and cause the person to hallucinate and have some drastic visuals pop up in their mind while they are asleep.

Heard of a flinders bar below a ship's compass, these bars are used to reduce the errors in the compass of the ship by manipulating the magnetic fields and make the compass shows the right direction.

So, this can be compared to the use of a knife while sleeping, the knife acts as the flinders bar for our bed and corrects the errors in the magnetic field around us and hence, let us sleep peacefully without disturbing our brain's activity.

Though, these are some proven and some supposed facts it is seen and trusted that the knife trick helps in sleeping, if not then at least it can act as a safety procedure for, if anyone ever barged into your house to steal or to kill you perhaps you better have a weapon to save yourself.

Note: But on a serious note if you are a person who sleeps like a clock’s hand, covering your bed in a 360-degree angle and ends up in an entirely different position, please do not put a knife under your pillow it can be harmful.

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