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Shaniwar Wada: Painful Haunted Story from the Indian History that Can Be Experienced Every New Moon!

Shaniwar Wada: Painful Haunted Story from the Indian History that Can Be Experienced Every New Moon

Everyone loves a good horror story, especially if it’s mixed with political intrigue, brutal murder and a lingering voice that haunts people till date. This is the story of the Shaniwar Wada in Pune, India.


Shaniwar Wada is a big part of Indian history. Bajirao I built the fort, which covers approximately 625 acres of land as his and his wife Kashibai's home. The fort is a beautiful structure built of stone and bricks.

The fort has many fountains and at the entrance of the fort Bajirao's huge statue is made which is praiseworthy. However, it is considered as Pune's most haunted place cannot be ignored.

During every full moon night, the people of Pune living around the area of the fort will always be haunted by the sound of “KAKA MALA VACHWA” (Uncle save me). The front where the spirit still utters the last words used by him during his last moments. This story of The Shaniwar Wada of Pune.

India’s best cavalry general ‘Baji Rao I’ of the Peshwas always wanted such a residency that will not only reflect his ambitions but also would become a solid defence system for the Peshwas. So on January 30, 1730, Saturday, the ceremonial ritual to build the fort started by the Peshwas.

Architects like Shiva Ram Krishna, Devaji, Kondaji Starr, and others were who were considered best were involved with the designing and construction of the fort. The building was first started and made from stone but then ordered to be made from bricks because the only King can have forts made of stone so according to the order of King Siva the rest of the fort was made of bricks.

In 1732, the seven-storied capital was built with a total cost of Rs. 16,110. And on January 22 1732, in another study, it was finally opened and named as Shaniwar Wada also known as Saturday residential complex.

Shaniwar Wada was built as a defence system for Peshwas but it became a place full of betrayal, greed, and assassins. First, the Wada witnessed the death of Baji Rao I and the betrayal of Kashibai. It also witnessed the beautiful love story of Bajirao-Mastani.

The loss of Nanashahebh was also seen by the Fort. The fort also saw the diminishing of the three sons of the Nanashahebh. The greed of Anadibai and betrayal of a family against family, all was witnessed by the fort.

The fort has suffered throughout the years and was constantly attacked due to which it is in ruins now. It was captured in the year 1818 at the end of the Padmavati war and from then on ruled by the British.

The magnificent fort which was supposed to built by stone has only a friend floor made out of stone and rest from bricks. But unfortunately, the six floors were destroyed by the British and only the ground floor survived.

Another disaster left the fort in ashes. In 1828 on February 27, there was a fire which left the fort into nothing but rumbles and ash. The fort was later restored and renovated. The walls in the fort depicted scenes from both Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The marvel floors were covered with rugs. Ganpati Rang Mahal is the place where the Marathas used to worship a gigantic idol of Lord Ganesh. Presently there are nine bastion towers, a garden complex, and various gates.

Haunted Story Behind Shaniwar Wada:

Behind the stories of paranormal activities, there is greed for power, assassination, and betrayal. After the death of Baji Rao his son, Balaji Baji Rao or Nana Saheb held the Maratha Banner. He had three sons by the name Madhorao, Vishwarao, and Narayanrao.

Nanashahebh died in the Third Battle of Panipat. Due to which Madhorao succeeded as Peshwa. In the war of third Panipath Vishwarao died and due to his death, the elder brother Madhorao also died due to heartbreak.

The next in line was Narayanrao who succeeded his brother at the young age of 16 years old. Due to his young age Ragunathrao, uncle of Narayanrao was in charge of the state on behalf of his nephew.

Raghunathrao’s wife Anadibai due to her greed for becoming the wife of Peshwa became jealous. Narayanrao, to stop the conspiracies against him started taking control slowly and soon house arrested Ragunathrao.

But he had a very bad relationship with Gardi, The hunting tribe. Anandibai sent a letter signed by Ragunathrao where it was stated that he should be captured but Anadibai changed it and sent a message of killing Narayanrao.

Sumer Singh, Gardi Chief sent a group of assassins who entered the sleeping chambers of Narayanrao after killing the security. Narayanrao woke up from the noise and realizing his situation he knew that he was soon going to die.

The young Peshwa tried to save himself and ran towards his uncle's chambers and shouted ‘Kaka Maha Vachwa’ but he was caught and brutally killed. He was hacked into pieces and bumped into the river.

Ghost Experiences of Locals:

The ghost of the young Peshwa still runs there with painful cries of saving him every new moon. The locals are all able to listen to the cries of the young prince but are unable to do anything.

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