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Seven Falls of Colorado Spring: A True Geological Wonder to have a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Seven Falls of Colorado Spring: A True Geological Wonder to have a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Nature’s creations never fail to outwit our man-made creations. Natural wonders are rarely created and seldom found in the precise condition. The Seven Falls of Colorado Springs is indeed a geological wonder when it comes to its origin. Seven Falls is essentially a series of cascading waterfalls that is found in Colorado Springs in Colorado.

Tourist Spot:

A gorgeous example of Mother Nature’s vast talents, thousands of visitors make it a point to visit this attractive location which contains some of the most iconic sites such as the Majestic Pillar of Hercules and numerous hiking trails. Seven falls is located in Colorado Springs, which is the most populous city in Colorado in the United States.

The visitors can immerse themselves in the beautiful Colorado wonder. The Natural Canyon stands at a lofty height of 181 feet. Some have even dubbed the waterfall as the “Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado”. During the summer, the Seven Falls are lit up night, giving it a majestic glow. With over 224 steps, the falls boast some of the most beautiful scenes in Colorado Springs. Known as the most beautiful canyon of the world, Mother Nature has certainly outdone herself.

To reach the top, the visitors must climb 224 steps, where they are welcomed by an incredible view. Two additional hiking trails are located above the falls. Also, the visitors can take the in-mountain elevator, which takes you up 14 stories to the Eagle Nest Lookout.

Seven Falls is quite famous because it is the only waterfall from Colorado that has secured a position in the National Geographic’s list of International waterfalls.


The history of Colorado Springs can be traced back to 1872 when a gentleman by the name of Nathanial Colby sold the land to Colorado Springs Land Company, who then sold Seven Falls to James Hull. James Hull had a big hand in the iconic transformation of Seven Falls.

He constructed the roads through the canyon and the staircase up the falls. With the help of another man, he started charging visitors for viewing the falls by carriage or horses. Because of him, Seven Falls has flourished into one of the premier attractions of Colorado.

The names of each of these falls are Bridal Veil, Ramona, Hill, Hull, Feather, Weimer, and Shorty. Throughout the canyons, there are several exhibits, a part of the audio guide that makes the experience even more memorable.

At the top of the trails lies a series of trails that lead the tourists to Midnight Falls, then to the Inspiration Point that overlooks the Colorado Springs. These trails are open from May to mid-October. While the path around Midnight falls only takes 30 minutes, it takes about one-hour for Inspiration Point. A lot of Wildlife can also be found around the canyon.

Seven Falls of Colorado Spring: A True Geological Wonder to have a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Seven Falls is situated in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The entrance to the falls is marked by the Pillars of Hercule. These two towering blocks flank the canyon and rise to 274 meters from the floor of the canyon, where the walls of the canyon are only 12 meters apart. At the same time,e the waterfalls are 55 meters high.

The Seven Falls did face its fair share of difficulties when it was heavily flooded in 2013, where significant parts of it were heavily damaged, and several sections were in immediate need of repairs. The Broadmoor Hotel purchased the property and carried out several renovations to improve its condition.

Scenic Beauty:

The scenic beauty of the Seven Falls does not only attract tourists. It also serves as a home to the number of flora and fauna. The best way to see the falls in all its glory is to climb the 224 staircases, to the top of the falls. A view from the top of the Colorado Springs is a view like no other. There are many entertainment centres on the top, including a special Indian Dance performance during the summer. Seven falls can be easily reached by a car from Colorado Springs that is located in Cheyenne Boulevard. It is located only 10 minutes southwest of the City Center. However, cyclists and hikers are not permitted, and a fee is charged for cars. It is quite evident that no one can deny the allure of Colorado’s famous waterfall. One can undoubtedly immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Seven Falls. Its Crystal-clear water from the Pikes Peak Watershed has shaped a natural canyon that excites the senses and foreshadows the dramatic landscape ahead. It is a gorgeous American symbol of the West.

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