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Roughting Linn Waterfall: The Hidden gem of England that Truly Resembles Heaven on Earth

Roughting Linn Waterfall: The Hidden gem of England that Truly Resembles Heaven on Earth

Chaos has become an inevitable part of our lives. People often seek peace and tranquillity in this crowded world. Well, since England boasts of stunning locations, Roughting Linn Waterfall is guaranteed to pour all your worries down its waterfall.

Natural Beauty:

This majestic waterfall can be found in North Northumberland and is situated 3 km from Kimmerstone. The lovely waterfall is nestled in a hidden and secluded valley. Adventurers often come across this gorgeous site when they walk down a track that leads to the Roughting Linn Farm. Travelers are left in awe of its mystic air and tranquil ambience. As soon as they enter this area, they can physically feel all their worries just floating away.

Many describe this as secret heaven, owing to its fairytale appearance and magical scenery. The mystical waterfall flows through the Ingram Valley in North Northumberland and is quite isolated. However, its beauty attracts all the tourists who are left to admire nature’s beautiful creation. It is also quite famous for its ring and cup mark that is overshadowed by the sedimentary rocks. In recent times, Roughting Linn has become quite famous due to its waterfall. The high end of the Roughting Linn Valley contains another small waterfall that seems so unrealistic, almost as if it were a part of someone’s imagination. It can be reached by walking up the stream bed.

All the travelers have to pass through a narrow-metaled road that leads to the private property of Roughting Linn. Hence, visitors are usually required to ask permission of the owners to gain access to view the bewitching falls.

One can also find numerous trees located above the slope and at the end of the widening bank of the stream that is connected a few meters away by the burn that has formed the beautiful waterfall. This alluring waterfall has changed dramatically over the years. Various explorers have observed the different kinds of rocks that are covered in varying amounts of moss and branches that fall into the water and later are beautifully sculpted by the waterfall.

No one can miss the Northumberland rocks that overhang the waterfall, which is presumed to be used during the prehistoric times. Some even believe it to be an old burial ground. The sandstones that overhangs the fall is a continuity of a ridge that runs from the ancient burial ground. These ancient burial grounds were used 4000 years ago and eventually destroyed due to farming activities. These exotic ridges are decorated with ancient art which is difficult to decipher. One can also find flints near the waterfall, and they are the earliest artworks by the prehistoric inhabitants of Northumberland, who were the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers.

Inside the caves of the waterfall, there are depictions of four animals that cover the walls of the cave. One of the drawings depicts a deer in motion while others remain in a rigid position. No one has been able to decipher the meaning behind these cave drawings. However, it is believed to be prehistoric artworks.


The magical site of Roughting Linn Waterfall is a favorite location for all photographers. One can easily learn how to blend in the various colors of nature. This place is indeed a sight for aspiring photographers.

Many explorers flock towards this place for its photographic scenery. They leave this place, feeling energized and refreshed. Since it’s a private location, tourists do not have to worry about overcrowding in this place. Fortunately, it is open all year round. Hence tourists can easily visit the waterfalls at their convenience. It is effortless to reach this hidden gem of Northumberland. The journey starts from Ford Castle, where tourists have to head towards the beautiful countryside. One can either take the Car or a Bus towards the Roughting Linn Farm. From there, they can pass through the burns and then reach the secluded valley. They can easily spot the waterfall, that is hidden within the valley. It is very rare to find places that truly resemble heaven on earth. Even rarer to enjoy such places that remain untouched by human actions. As one quote states “Enjoy the little things”, the waterfall certainly brings peace to all those who visit its heavenly falls.

Its beauteous nature remains unparalleled and untainted by disastrous calamities. One visit and it is guaranteed to be one of the most exquisite sites that anyone has ever visited.

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