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Sanjay Gandhi National park Haunted Stories That Will Give You Goosebumps

The Sanjay Gandhi national park is a lush green area in Mumbai, Maharashtra, under government protection. It covers an area of 87 km(square). This place is usually teeming with people from all over the country to visit this area. However, there’s something more sinister than animals that lurk in its shadowy areas. The Sanjay Gandhi National park is an infamous horror attraction, inviting horror lovers across the country to gather here, test their luck, and try to prove the existence of ghosts and other paranormal creatures.

The major attractions of this place are the Kanheri caves, a Buddhist attraction, the Trimurti temple, a Jain temple, and the varied flora and fauna that prosper here in their original habitats. The place is a magnificent gathering place for nature lovers, but once the sun sets, it turns into something from a horror movie with its shadowy nooks and corners.

History of Sanjay Gandhi National park

The Sanjay Gandhi National park flaunts a long heritage of history, dating back to the 4th century BCE. Earlier in its vicinity, there were ancient ports named Sopara and Kalyan which were wealthy places engaged in trading with prosperous places like Greece and Mesopotamia.

Then it was made even richer in history by the caves of Kanheri and the Trimurti Jain temple, which also showcased India’s rich heritage and engagement with the religion of both Buddhism and Jainism. The Sanjay Gandhi national park is also forestland brimming with flora and fauna, for example, Karvi flowers, Indian Hare, Grey Langur, Chital, etc.

Haunted Story

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park has witnessed many unfortunate deaths caused by animal attacks, leaving visitors to meet their untimely demise. The tragic history of this place has given rise to the belief that the spirits of the deceased victims still haunt its grounds, unable to rest in peace.

During the day, it is a refuge for nature lovers seeking people with its scenic beauty, trickling rivers, and lunging animals. But as soon as the sun sets, the place sheds its charming facade and turns into a horrifying nightmarish place with its dark and dingy caves of Buddhism and the shadowy corners of ancient trees, and the gliding spirits of the victims who plummeted to their deaths after animal encounters.

The night watches always narrate macabre tales of the lurking spirits, and some even murmur prayers in their surroundings. So if you are courageous enough, bask in the haunting glory of the Sanjay Gandhi National park. Listen to the guards offer up haunted tales for your curious spirit from their memories. Visitors claim to have heard spooky hushed voices and sliders that are not the reptiles and have the feeling of constant supervision and a trailing presence.

The lady in white

One of the most popular narratives by visitors is regarding the lady in white attire. It is suggested that the woman was a victim of animal mauling and thus roamed around trying to trap people by asking for rides in their vehicles.

When they agree, she promptly vanishes from the spot sending chills down onlookers' spines. If you refuse her request unluckily, you witness her chasing you at an inhumane speed, following your vehicle. yikes!

So if you want to get struck by panic and gripped by the horror of witnessing spirits, this place is for you.

Creepy little children

Get ready for a bone-chilling experience if the thought of spooky phantoms sends shivers down your spine. Brace yourself because something even more terrifying lurks in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. One of the victims of a savage leopard attack was a young girl, only seven years old, who tragically lost her life on July 16, 2012. As if that wasn't enough, two boys also vanished without a trace in 2014, leaving the authorities stumped. Could their spirits still haunt the park, waiting to be discovered? Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, for you never know what you might encounter in the park's eerie corners.

Forest guards and officers have amassed a collection of spine-tingling tales from their years of patrolling the grounds, making you tremble with fear and regret ever setting foot in this eerie place. But for those brave enough to venture into the unknown, equipped with high-tech paranormal gear like spirit boxes, EMF meters, and thermal temperature changes, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park beckons. It's still a popular destination for vloggers and bloggers fascinated by the supernatural, ready to uncover the secrets hidden within its haunted corners. So, are you ready to explore the unknown and test your courage?

The Kanheri caves

Tourists claim that these Buddhist caves are magnificent to visit during the day. But they turn dark, damp, ethereal, and haunting after daylight is gone. People have seen supernatural beings lurking in these shadowy and chilly corners waiting to grasp people into their terrifying claws.

Even the inhabitants who live in huts and thatched houses nearby never dare to venture out into the Sanjay Gandhi National Park premises for fear of the phantoms that roam through these walls devoid of human presence. Except for the lone watchman and the forest officers, who are equally paranoid and thus band together during their nightly patrols.


Thus, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is not just a respite for nature lovers and with the perfect backdrops for an impromptu solo and/or friend photoshoot or as a beautiful background for an elegant bridal photoshoot.

This place still attracts thrill seekers seeking the thrill of any supernatural phenomena that could solidify or mitigate their beliefs in the supernatural world. So, if you want to play your lucky cards right, capture some sweet evidence that could aid in the ever-present fight between skeptics and believers.

Then Sanjay Gandhi National Park is an ideal place for you to satiate your thirst for both a stroll through nature and appreciates the various wildlife and the vegetation that has been maintained and spruced up just for your visual satisfaction and, at the same time, enjoy a healthy dosage of fear to get the adrenaline going and your blood pumping and heart thumping.

Come as a lone wolf “pun intended” or with a herd of your trusty friends so that maybe you can capture the supernatural in their natural habitat. Haunted or not, The Sanjay Gandhi national park will provide a thrill-filled ride and memories worth fixing in your mind forever.

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