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Most Unexplained Things Found in The Ocean: Hidden Secrets That None Told You About!

Most Unexplained Things Found in The Ocean: Hidden Secrets That None Told You About!

The ocean covers around 70 per cent of the earth. Most of this is inaccessible to humankind. But because scientists and sea researchers exist, mysterious stuff gets discovered from the sea. These things are some unexplained mysteries.

Here the topmost unexplained and mysterious things found in the boundless ocean. Either it’s a mystery island, mystery spot or mystery lake map, nothing is left undiscovered.

Massive Ice Balls in Michigan

In 2014, Ice balls weighing up to 22 kilograms each, about the size of a basketball, was found washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan. They were clumped together and rolled with the motion of the waves at the shore.

Ice balls were not uncommon in winter in that area, but the abnormally large size of these balls made them very unusual. The cause of these ice balls is still unidentified. It is yet a mystery spot.

The Lost City Of Heracleion

The Lost City Of Heracleion can be described as a mysterious island or a sunken mystery island. In 2000, an archaeologist, Frank Goddio, finally found the submerged city. Frank spent years on this mysterious island. He already had an idea that the city would be off the coast of Egypt.

Before its discovery, the ancient city of Heracleion was just a passing mention in a very few and rare ancient texts or inscriptions. The mystery island was an actual mystery before its discovery.

With the help of advanced underwater screening technology, Frank located the sunken mystery island. It was submerged 6.5 kilometers off the coast. The ruins of 64 ships, 700 anchors, caskets full of gold coins, and statues about 16 feet tall were discovered.

Skulls in a Mexican Sinkhole

The Mexican Sinkhole is regarded as a mystery spot. A cenote, Sac Uayum, is located in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. The locals of this place were terrified of fear around the year 2012.

A team of sea divers finally found the reason behind its spoiled reputation. During the underwater survey, two chambers with human bones and deformed skulls were found. National Geographic explains it is most likely that the skulls got there because of some human sacrifice rituals.

The deformation of the skulls signalled towards the method of deformation practiced by the ancient Maya. Even though things are quite clear, yet the mystery spot is a mystery.

The Undersea River in the Black Sea

A river under a sea, isn’t that shocking? The mystery spot is situated under the black sea itself.

In 2016, a river that was 350 times greater than the River Thames was found flowing under the sea beds of the black sea.

An underwater robot was used to study the river. Scientists from Leeds University found that the river is 115ft deep in some places, and even had rapids and waterfalls, just like normal rivers.

If this river were placed on the land, it would rank sixth in the world for the enormous volume of water that flows through it.

Love letters from WWII

It’s not a mystery island, a mystery spot or a mystery lake map, but yet, these letters are enough to grant you goosebumps. It’s the most and only wholesome mystery in this list.

A person named Kathleen Chaney, situated in New Jersey, discovered 57 love letters in 2012. The letters were stacked together, with a pink ribbon around them inside a box. They were found on the shore of Sandy Hook Bay.

The letters were written between 1942 and 1947 and were conversations between Dorothy Fallon and Lynn Farnham. Kathleen tried to return the letters to their original owners, but it was very difficult to track them after so many years. Although, Kathleen was able to find the couple’s niece.

Thousands Of Waxy Clumps

In July 2017, thousands of clump, yellow and sponge-like stuff, which seemed like wax, washed up at France’s Opal Coast. The mysterious balls smelled of paraffin, but after the analysis, the substance was found to be paraffin wax. The tests were done at the Cedre Association, a place that specializes in testing hydrocarbon pollutants.

It was later confirmed that some ship might’ve dropped the paraffin wax residues into the sea, near the shore itself. The ships are allowed to dump limited amounts of paraffin wax residue into the sea, but it should be done far away from the shore.

The 2,400-Year-Old Boat In The Black Sea

In 2018 an incredible and shocking discovery was made by archaeologists. Almost more than a mile below the surface of the Black Sea, a 2,400-year-old Boat was found at the Bulgarian coast, which is the world’s oldest shipwreck.

According to The Guardian, the boat was found in a well-preserved state and is estimated to be around 2,400 years old. It contains an ancient Greek vessel that stands 23 meters long.

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