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Meet the ghosts at the Ancient Ram Inn: Unleash the Dark Secret Hidden Deep Down the Place

Ancient Ram Inn

Located in the village of Wotten-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, England, the Ancient Ram Inn is known for its fantastic distinction for staying in the place for 900 years praiseworthily holding the dark side of its history. It is reported to be a dwelling place for several ghosts that refuses to check out. Even people have seen the guests jump off the windows after meeting the undead dwellers.


Built-in 1145, Priests used the inn as a keeping house for the slaves and workers helping in the construction of the St. Mary Church. During the 1930s, Maurice de Bathe first bought the inn and thereafter the inn became a private property of several rich people of the town.

The inn was initially owned by the church that was connected through an underground tunnel. Lastly, the inn was owned by John Humphries, which passed on to his daughters following his death.

The inn was built on a 5000 years old pagan burial ground and lies at the intersecting point of two Ley Lines, believed to empower spiritual energy. Geologists used a map and traced the lines that run through the heart of the Stonehenge.

Spooky Stories of Ram Inn

Stonehenge’s energy, legends say, travels through the Ley Lines for feeding the paranormal power of the Ancient Ram Inn. Some state the inn was once a scene of child sacrifices and devil worship.

The spirit of a young girl named Rosie, who had been murdered, a high priestess and incubus, a male sex demon haunts the Cotswolds cottage. Besides, the inn was built over wells, constantly surrounded by water, which is believed to be a factor for paranormal activities.

A popular legend that surrounds the inn is that of a witch who was burned at a stake in the 1500s as a prosecution of the locals in the belief and practice of Christianity as sanctioned by the government. A lot of people even today believe in the haunting of the room by the witch and took refuge in a room before she could be captured and killed. Presently, the room is famously known as “The Witch’s Room”.

The Bishop’s Room is the most haunted in the whole house, where visitors and paranormal experts have seen nine different ghosts, the encounters with whom included strange mists, disembodied screams, a woman hanging from the ceiling, and eerie ghost monks.

The shepherd standing in the room with his dog is claimed to be the most faithful one. Several visitors coming to the house, at night, have claimed hearing screams and cries of children and the innkeepers have put the toys in and around the inn for keeping them happy. In the view of Mr Humphries, there is less crying now and that the toys remain scattered around.

Several tourists love capturing pictures of apparitions within the inn and the ghost hunters have photographed strange orbs, shadows, and beams of light, indicating ghosts caught on a film. Visitors claimed during their visit and stay in the inn, heard sounds of footsteps, knocking off the walls, dragging of objects and even voices addressing them to get out of spirits’ dwelling place.

People and experts tried exploring the exact reason for their continuous haunting the ancient spot and similar to the geologists the paranormal experts claim that the inn is situated on the ley lines, which attracts different types of paranormal activities.

The present owner of the house, Ms Humphries reported that she was quite afraid of the house as a child, and slept in a caravan outside. It was normal for the family to see ghosts running around the house and screaming in terror. She even saw a chest of drawers hovering over her bed before crashing on the stairs.

Ancient Ram Inn

Years later, while John starts renovating the house, he discovered small bones and daggers buried underneath and believed in the sacrifices of humans to the pagan gods. The Humphries described an incidence when they dared to disturb one of the graves and they failed to dig it further and it remains the same.

They have tried selling the house several times, and now to them it is impossible and after living for 50 long years in the house, they have now accepted to live with the undead.

A Night at Ancient Ram Inn:

Despite the ghoulish reputation of the inn, the Humphries inundates the visitors who are desperate in spending at least a night in the spookiest lodgings of Britain.

Past guests fled way from the house in the middle of the night after experiencing some paranormal activities such as moving and flying of the furniture around their room, the vision of the small girl wandering in the hallways and being pushed down by incubus.

Some guests have reported to jump off from the first-floor windows at the back of the property on the grass, but to the astonishment, none of them was evidence injured. Presently, the house’s guests include ghost hunters and writers who love spending a night with the demons.

A ghost investigator visiting the house spooked when someone’s presence pushed up against his back. He reported having felt the old medieval house and the beams to vibrate and tremble when he grabbed them tightly in fear. He captured a mysterious scream of a child and a few seconds later a man’s voice shouted: “Get out!”

Paranormal experts, examining the area widely believe that the redirection of water on the Ancient Ram property caused a portal for the negative and dark energy to enter the inn.

The past owner, John attested to the spectres, making this house their home, and during his first night, he claimed that someone in the house grabbed his arm, dragging him from the bed across the room. He found the evidence of Devil’s worship and rituals including sacrifices.

He discovered skeletal remains of children along with an old broken dagger under the staircase, which is supposedly used for performing sacrificial rituals.

Until John’s death, he was continuously haunted as well as attacked regularly by several other entities in the house. People reported having several sightings of the previous owners of the inn, who are sitting and residing with the patrons of today.


Regardless of the availability of the number of evidence and reasons for such activities, none can deny that the eerie atmosphere and activities have stopped, rather it is afoot at the Ancient Ram Inn.

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