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Is Banana Cult a Religion or a Sex Practice | Religion That Promotes Sex in Public

Is Banana Cult a Religion or a Sex Practice | Religion That Promotes Sex in Public

Have you ever heard that religion can form a fruit? You may have heard of imaginary countries created from fruit, such as banana republics. But there exists a belief called Banana cult with the same name.

Banana Cult is a religious group formed in Papua New Guinea in the late 1900s. The religion belongs to Yasmine people, who believe that sexual relations in public can help in the growth of bananas.

This cult was so famous in the region that it saw an active membership base from those in that area and was considered a kind of divine religion. The religion was further run by the Yasmin Village Court Chairman Titus Namusa.

Now, let us discuss the origin and some of the rituals and secrets related to the Banana Cult.

Banana Cult: Origin

Banana Cult found by Titus Namusa in Papua New Guinea. The cult believed that the banana could grow 10-fold if sex were performed in public. The cult members forced the people in the Yasmine region to engage in public sex acts which are representative of the religion's erotic interest and behavior, which are against the norms of the regular religious or cult.

The cult is also very suspicious of people's belief in banana growth and the role of forced sex in that. The cult is also very infamous and can destroy people's lives. Thus, Banana Cult has suspicious origins.

Now let us look at some of the rituals and secrets which loom the religion.

Banana Cult: Secrets and Rituals

Banana Cult is for its weird and unrealistic cult. The cult follows a lot of rituals that revolve around the erotic approach and selfish means. The cult also follows very distinct beliefs revolving around a banana.

The Banana cult's main ritual is related to forced sex which is performed without any real consensus and is especially forced among the people. The cult believes this forced sex can help grow bananas as the government has left them.

The cult is also a resistant movement to popular beliefs and rituals in other mainstream religions worldwide. Religion is also antithetical to the traditional norms of the action. This cult also has been the suspect in various police investigations into immoral acts in the name of cult beliefs. The police caught the head of the religion Titus Namusa. This further led to the leader's house arrest, who then escaped and was seen later.

This makes religion very controversial. In the following parts, we will examine details about the Banana Wave.

Banana Cult: Where is it Followed Now?

Banana Cult is one of the most controversial cults in the recent century. This cult forces the engagement of forced sex in the belief that it can help grow bananas. The cult is still said to follow in Papua New Guinea in recent years, which makes the cult very rooted. Thus, this cult is a continuing phenomenon.

Banana Cult: Conclusion

Banana Cult makes us realize a lot about the vulnerability of humans and human understanding of religion. Stay Safe!

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