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Hoia Baciu: Creepiest Forest Notorious For Ufo Sightings, Scariest Screams, & Forest Ghost Adventure

Hoia Baciu: Creepiest Forest Notorious For Ufo Sightings, Scariest Screams, & Inexplicable Scratches

Dark forests have always been a common source of myths and paranoia. According to fairytales, witches and dark creatures dwell in the deepest parts of these forests, waiting in the shadows for unsuspecting victims. Such is the story of Romania’s haunted forest, the Hoia Baciu Forest.


With an area of 295 hectares or 729 acres, the Hoia Baciu Forest is located in the west of Cluj-Napoca, a city located in Northwestern Romania, which is the second city in the depths of Transylvania.

The dense forest of Hoia Baciu is surrounded by many legends and conceals many secrets. Rumours state that once you enter the forest, you will never come out of it. Hence, it is famously known as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. Many unnatural phenomena and strange sightings have been recorded in this forest. In fact, it is the most haunted forest in Romania.


The unique name of the forest came from a local shepherd, Hoia Baciu, who disappeared into the forest along with 200 sheep and was never found again. Though the locals searched for him, he had disappeared into thin air. There could not find a single trace of him. In 1968, the forest came into international attention, when a military technician, Emil Barnea photographed. He claimed a strange sight to be a UFO that was hovering over The Clearing. However, Barnes lost everything rather than gaining anything from reporting about the sighting.

This was just the beginning of its mysterious occurrences. The incidents left many wary of forests and they refused to enter it, fearing for their lives. They even refused to utter its name in fear of being haunted by its dark nature. Many more similar disappearances took place.

Once a five-year-old girl in a pink frock disappeared into the forest. Her distraught parents tried every method to recover their missing child. Mysteriously, exactly five years later, the girl emerged out of the forest, in the same dress. She had no recollection of her disappearance or what happened to her.

Since then, many cases of disappearances continued to occur and people began to fear the forest. They speculated that the forest contained some kind of portal to another realm or dimension. They feared the involvement of aliens in these disappearances.

However, the legends of the forest do not end there. It is believed that the spirits of murdered Romanian peasants are trapped in these forests. Apparently, they are doomed to spend the rest of their eternal lives in the forest. These ghosts often take the form of Human-shaped shadows that can be seen roaming the forest. People have also noticed large masses of black mist floating through the air, especially at night.

Hoia Baciu Ghost Adventures:

Apparitions are also known to appear and many claim that they have captured images of figures and faces that aren't easily visible to the human eye. Upon entering the forest, electronic devices suddenly malfunction and there is a sudden battery drain. These are believed to be the work of spirits. They are reports of orbs, light anomalies and strange fluctuations in the magnetic fields. EVPs have recorded strange noises such as shouting, weeping and growls. Commonly, at night, one can also hear strange giggling sounds.

The majority of the visitors have reported many negative psychological effects on entering the forest. Many people are overcome with anxiety. Other effects manifest themselves in the form of vomiting, nausea, headaches, and rashes. People have also reported being attacked by an unseen forest. Rarely, people escape unscathed from the forest. There are also reports of people being bitten, pushed, and even thrown out of the forests by dark forces.

There are also many unexplainable phenomena regarding the vegetation of the forest. The forest is quite famous for weirdly shaped trees that seem to bend in strange directions. The reason behind this is still unknown. Another strange phenomenon is located on the outskirts of the forest which is known as the Dead Zone.

In the Dead Zone, trees and vegetation refuse to grow for an unknown reason. On testing the soil sample, it showed that there was absolutely no reason as to why vegetation refuses to grow in that area. Additionally, the Dead Zone is a centre of Paranormal activities. Many paranormal incidents are known to occur here quite frequently including UFO sightings. Hence, people refuse to enter this area.

There have been many unexplained sights of UFOs. Since the 1990s, people have captured pictures of flying saucer-like objects wandering the sky as well as a bright beam of lights that appear and disappear mysteriously. Some of these images are even captured by Military Technicians. Along with the UFOs, the unexplained light sighting is also observed, especially near the Dead Zone.


Though the Hoia Baciu forest is fascinating, it is plagued by dark and unseen forest that seek to harm all its visitors. Though the forest might seem beautiful from the outside and the perfect site for hiking, there are many ghostly apparitions hidden within the forest, haunting all those who visit it. It is a place that many fear.

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