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History of Chole Bhature: Know the Food that is as Popular as Beyoncé!

History of Chole Bhature: Know the Food that is as Popular as Beyoncé!

“There is no sincerer love than the love for food.” - George Bernard Shaw,

Food is more than survival. Food sharing has always been a part of human culture. Food continues to be associated with love throughout life – and in some systems of faith, even in the after-life. Please take into account cultures that leave delicacies to the departed so they are not forgotten. And the desire to rejoice persists even though times are rough.

What excites us about food is eating. Food is our constant partner in life, there for us on our happy days and the bad days. Not only is it sustaining, but it often brings us together in a company of joyful people.

Food History of Chole Bhature

This food history and culture of eating together gave rise to the concept of street food, bringing people together to enjoy finger-licking appetizing food. Inexpensive and quick to make, millennials would now call street food a vibe. You never pass a street food vendor serving hot momos or a spicy golgappa without grabbing a bite.

One of the most common street foods in India, perhaps as popular as Beyoncé, is Chole Bhature. One bite and you cannot get enough of this satiating dish. When hunger turns rabid, nothing fulfils the needs of your tummy other than a yummy divine plate of Chole Bhature.

And the only thing as interesting as our Chole Bhature is its food history. Check out this article to find out more about the food history of this famous street food.

What is Chole Bhature?

Before getting into the food history of Chole Bhature, let us first explore what Chole Bhature actually is?

Only one right answer – Heaven!

This lip-smacking zesty dish is the new definition of perfection. You can never go wrong with choosing Chole Bhature as your meal for the day. Super tasty and extremely nutritious, this dish is everything you are looking for to fill that tummy.

Chole is the Indian name for chickpeas. Tossed in a savoury gravy and mixed with just the right spices, chickpeas get a new identity. This steamy gravy is the true soul mate for our Bhature. Made from white flour, commonly called Maida in India, Bhature is the heart and soul of this dish. This fried bread is cooked until it turns a lovely brown and gold. Soft and salty, the Bhature melt right in our mouths when eaten with Chole.

Adding Extra Zing To This Dish

While the dish is already a work of art, you can enjoy Chole Bhature with additional condiments on the side. Green Chutney made from coriander, seasoned onions, and our personal favourite achaar (pickle) accompany Chole Bhature the best.

If this is still not enough to get your mouth watering, add a big glass of lassi to the table. The perfect combination of sweet and salty, lassi is a yoghurt-based Indian drink. Served fresh and chilled with the hot sizzling Chole Bhature, this meal is sure to make your day.

Let us move on to the food history now before our mouth starts watering like crazy!

Chole Bhature: The Origin Story

Our Chole Bhature is no less than superheroes from the world of Avengers. Here to save us from our cravings or a bad mood, Chole Bhature deserves their own origin story. The food history explores the origin of this tasty dish right from when it was first made.

Even though food history is always complex, we do know a fair deal about Chole Bhature. Originated in the northern part of the Indian sub-continent, the first dish dates back to almost the 1940s. The dish has won the hearts of perhaps every north Indian as time went by. This only makes us wonder more about its food history.

Chole Bhature across India

Most commonly eaten in Delhi and Punjab, this dish is also famous in eastern Uttar Pradesh. With urbanization and migration, Chole Bhature has made a place for themselves in South India too. People now, across the country, gobble Chole Bhature, usually in the mornings as part of their nourishing breakfast.

A food experiment went right; the person who invented Chole Bhature must have bagged a Nobel Prize if it existed for food. Loved by a population of over 1 billion, this dish is now on a menu everywhere.

The International Chole Bhature Day

Yes, you read it right. Foodies took the responsibility to celebrate this dish, which makes our taste buds tempted. The food history isn’t about the time before we were born anymore. It has chased us down to recent years.

Officially started in 2012, a Delhiite decided to dedicate one full day to Chole Bhature and their admirers. The word spread through social media to unite all C-Bats (Chole Bhature Lovers) on 2nd October of every year to share their pictures and recipes of Chole Bhature.

For the love of curiosity, the day was selected only because it is a national holiday recognized as Gandhi Jayanti. This loosely translates to the fact that everyone will be home with time on their hand to prepare and enjoy the dish at peace.

This day has made it possible to celebrate the food history of Chole Bhature and carry on a legacy. For all we know, 10 years down the line, someone else would blog about the food history of Chole Bhature, and this day will be the limelight of it.

Chole Bhature and the Grand World Tour

United with food, people across the globe have been participating in the International Chole Bhature event for 4 years now. The Chole Bhature Day saw food lovers from New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Sweden share their pictures, enjoying the enticing Chole Bhature.

As a matter of fact, Chole Bhature is now getting just as eminent outside India. Served as street food on food trucks and in elegant Indian restaurants outside, the dish is taking over the world. As interesting as its food history was, the future of Chole Bhature looks bright too. Who knew we would have an entire day dedicated just to this simple yet flavoursome dish. Definitely not the person who invented Chole Bhature.

Finally, divided as we are by distance, our boundless love for Chole Bhature brings us all together. A portion of comfort food for some and a guilty pleasure for others, this God-sent deliciousness is a wholesome experience.

As we crave for this dish by the end of this food history article, go grab a bite of this dish to have anywhere, be it the bustling streets of Delhi or the comfort of your home. Chole Bhature takes you on a journey of taste and joy. Chole Bhature makes the flavors burst in your mouth and the serotonin in your brain!

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